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Forge of Empires 1.25 – More space for your city

Forge of Empires
Your city is bursting at the seams? You have no idea where to place your latest buildings? Then look forward to version 1.25! Our developers have recognized that many players need more space and expanded the city map. Where you could once only imagine a little river, you can now see beautiful banks and vivid vegetation. With the reworked city surroundings, your are now able to place more expansions and have therefore more possibilities to build your city of dreams.

City sorroundings
But a larger city involves also some technical issues: Especially modern cities with lots of fabrics and smoking buildings are pretty hardware hungry. To solve this problem we introduced a new option: The hardware acceleration feature. The Hardware acceleration feature utilizes your graphics card to display your city, instead of your processor. This should result in a performance boost on most modern machines.

New option
Anyway, i’m looking forward to the new space and I’m already thinking of how to use it properly.