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Hard, Harder, Hardest… Harderdest???

Dear Kings and Queens,

Today we introduce you a new and even harder difficulty level in our Guild Expeditions! We will be honest with you:┬áthis mode is insanely difficult – but it also brings insanely good prizes with it (including diamonds, new usable items like extra Guild Expedition attempts and Motivation Kits and new buildings!)

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New Feature: Guild Championships!

Dear expeditioners,

Soon a new cross-platform feature will make it’s way to your game: Guild Championships! This brand new addition will take Expeditions to another level, and – for the first time in Forge of Empires history – will allow for cross world competition! Compete against 3-6 other, similar-sized guilds and gain extra Guild Power bonuses! The winning guild gets +25%, the 2nd one gets +15% and the 3rd guild will be rewarded with +10%.

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Guild Expeditions – Welcome to the Jungle

It is a particularly hot day in this humid, smelly jungle. Your party has been on their feet for 2 whole days now but you just know that you are getting closer. You can feel the excitement rushing to your head as you find another relic. It is overgrown with moss and half buried in the dense mass of leaves and rotting twigs that cover the ground of this tropical forest. It is old, very old and you have no doubt that it is a piece of the ancient civilization you are looking for. As you start removing the moss from the relic, your expedition leader becomes tense. He raises his hand and signals the whole party to be quiet and take cover. They are coming. Continue reading Guild Expeditions – Welcome to the Jungle