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Forge of Empires – Introducing the modern Era

Forge of EmpiresAfter launching the modern Era on the International Server last week, it is now possible for all players on all language versions to play our brand new age. To show you all the cool new features, buildings and technologies our Game Designer Peer Kröger will guide you through the new Age in a gameplay video:

As you can see there are a lot of new features to explore so don’t waste time and immerse yourself in the time of the good old Rock ’n Roll!

Forge of Empires – Welcome to the Modern Era!

Forge of EmpiresThe year 2014 has hardly begun, and our strategy hit Forge of Empires already received a great new update: From now on the Modern Era is available! After the release of the Progressive Era which brought tons of new features and changes to the game, the Modern Era will even surpass this. Here you can see a little overview of the features which will come with the update:

  • 96 new story quests
  • This is by far the longest story quest line for any age until now
  • Fly to the Far East and land in a continent that spans over 11 new provinces
  • Meet the mighty Hisao Hito that leads his empire through a successful war
  • Plenty of choices need to be made that not only impact the outcome of the story, but also the rewards given
  • Different story outcomes depending on your choice

Dawn of a new age

But that’s not all – the way rare goods work in Forge of Empires is experiencing a complete upheaval. Master the all-new, refined goods system and use old good deposits and old goods to produce the new ones in special production buildings! This great new feature connects the ages of Forge of Empires even more, and the whole economy and the trading aspect of the game become more complex and tricky.

Typical buildings from the 1950’s allow you to recreate the Rock ‘n Roll vibe in your city. In addition to that, the new amusement park will improve the atmosphere in your city and movies from your Film Studio will guarantee the necessary variety for your inhabitants.

Forge of Empires amuseme t_park

It’s raining soldiers

Not only the cities will go through big changes, you will also notice huge improvements on the battlefields. Among many new skills and units, paratroopers will join the battlefield of Forge of Empires for the first time. With their skill rapid deplyoment they are able to jump deep behind the enemies’ lines – a great way to surprise your unsuspecting enemies… In addition to that, you will fight on complete new battlefields that look like tropical beaches, featuring palm trees and sand hills.

With the Modern Era Forge of Empires will receive a lot of new and interesting features and I’m really looking forward to immerse myself in the time of the good old Rock ’n Roll!


Forge of Empires prepares launch of next age: Modern Era now live on Beta

Forge of Empires

Lots of news from our strategy hit Forge of Empires at the moment: The winter event is still running and like most of you, I’m still trying to collect some stars and score one of the unique buildings. But there’s more: From today on, you can test our brand new age, the Modern Era, on the beta server.  Along with a complete set of new and stunning buildings, the era introduces a new skill on the battlefield, “rapid deployment”, and a new Great Building. Aside from that, the Modern Era introduces a new way to manufacture goods. You simply combine goods from earlier ages in order to produce Modern Era goods.  This great new feature connects the ages of Forge of Empires even more, and the whole economy and the trading aspect of the game become more complex and tricky.

Drive-inSo from now on you have the possibility to have a first look on the next age, before it will be released very soon. As with all recent big updates, we’re very interested in getting your help to test the new content, so we’re really looking forward to your feedback.

A journey through time – New Cinematic Trailer for Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires is everywhere – in the browser, soon on mobile phones and tablets and now again on television. Our new 3D trailer accompanies a king from his beginnings as a hunter to a powerful general. The video is highlighted with an epic soundtrack and great animations to make you want to play the game.

But enough words check out the trailer and don’t forget to give us feedback:

We’re really looking forward to that

The epic battle begins – Guild Wars are coming soon!

Forge of Empires

Warfare, lots of players and an ever-changing balance of power – you will find all that and much more in our brand new guild vs. guild feature which is being worked on right now. A first teaser of the upcoming feature is now online and playable on our beta server. There you can see firsthand what will be playable on all servers soon.

ProvincesEntering the guild vs. guild mode is very simple: After a click on the guild button, you will see a special continent map. This map is divided into several provinces. In this overview you can get information about sectors, see the results of recent events and battles, place defenses – form then on you will are able to lay siege to a sector and launch attacks on them, along with your guild members. If your guild is ready to attack, you can deploy a siege army in the army management screen.

army managementAfter you have gained control of a sector, the army you used as a siege army now becomes the sector’s first defending army.After a while you and your guild will be able to gain control of more and more provinces to raise your guild level! You need more information?  Check out the user guide.

The epic battle for provinces has already begun on the beta server, and I’m really looking forward to fight you all!

Forge of Empires – A vision of the future

Have you managed to trick the frightful pumpkinhead Jack O’Lantern and finished the Halloween quest line? I have to admit, that I really had to mull over some quests but finally reached the end and I’m now very happy with the new scarecrow in my city!

But enough talk about Halloween, it’s time to look forward and to show you the upcoming features:

Winter Event

It won’t be long now, until the new winter event starts. Throughout December, you will receive daily special quests and prizes to be won, including new unique buildings that fit the seasonal spirit. In addition to that, we will introduce a new currency during the event: Stars!

Snow Globe

Next to the chase of stars, you’ll be given the chance to obtain special buildings from some previous events. So even if you have missed some of our older events, you now have the chance to get the rewards!

The Modern

But you’re for sure asking what happens next to our eras .I’m proud to say that we’re close to finish our newest era, The Modern. We will lead you to the times of Rock`n Roll with unforgettable names like Elvis Presley, Bill Haley, Chuck Berry and others. And of course you can look forward to tons of new buildings, quests and graphics.

So remove the dust from the old Elvis discs, style your hair, the Rock ‘n roll is back!

Jack is back! Halloween in Forge of Empires!

Halloween event

Before hordes of kids will walk from door to door to trick some sweets from irritated residents on the night of October 31 to November 1, our strategy hit Forge of Empires jumpstarted Halloween a little earlier this year.  Therefore, save yourself the trouble of walking to the front door once a minute and bring home the horror of Halloween right now! None other than the frightful pumpkin head Jack O’Lantern is back again and spreads fear and fright over your city! The monster is not only a huge fan of pumpkins (obviously) but also has a whole range of riddles for you to be solved! But stay alert! The past year showed me that even if the riddle sounds very simple it might turn out different than you think…

franka frankenstein


If you actually did bite into a pumpkin frustratingly, or even missed the whole event last year, this Halloween is your chance: For solving the whole quest chain you will of course get a special reward, but, and that is especially interesting for me, you have the chance to get the reward building from last year’s Halloween event “Graveyard” again. The Graveyard looks awesome and provides your city a pretty cool happiness boost. If you already secured the graveyard last year, don’t fear for your bragging right: In that case, you’ll be able to unlock a cool upgrade!

But don’t lose too much time with carving your own pumpkin head! The event runs only to the 5th of November! So get in the game and show the living pumpkin what you’re made of!

Forge of Empires version 1.10: Bringing the Battle to the Mountains

Forge of Empires

Cars parade down the street, zeppelins fly high in the sky, and new tank warfare spreads fear and terror like nothing before it. Those of you Forge of Empires players who have already reached the Progressive Era have likely experienced all these turn of the century novelties, but also the problems that come with them. In particular, the new width of car-ready streets has me completely rearranging my city!

The new territory

Those of you who haven’t progressed to the turn of the 20th century quite yet, however, can look forward to update 1.10. This update focuses on the Early Middle Ages, and features an entirely new map, battles with special units, and numerous untrodden quests. The quest line sends you to fight against the fearsome barbarian Bogdan the Beast and the skillful General Celeas in the far off mountains. Only those who are most confident in their tactical skills should  venture to the peaks, because serious military loses could be the result if not. High effort equals high reward here though – the players who do conquer the 20 new quests and four provinces under the control of the enemy will be handsomely rewarded.

link4.php link3.php
Besides all this great new bonus content, update 1.10 includes many other improvements, like several quests that have been revised to be more accessible and better balanced. To learn about the other upgrades, check out the Forge of Empires forum.

Pour out the cocktails: Forge of Empires summer event is in full swing!

Forge of EmpiresThe sun is shining, the sea is lapping ashore and there’s  an unwavering demand for cold drinks. The summer is still here and  in our strategy game Forge of Empires, we’d like to celebrate that happy thought. Greva Darn, the enterprising Hawaiian shirt wearer, has once again built up her famous Summer Casino in your neighborhood and is awaiting playful guests. Those who want to try their hand first need special tickets that can only be received when doing Greva  some small favor in the form of quests… but it is absolutely worth the effort. With a little luck, you can win great prizes from the wheel of fortune, such as blueprints, bonus items, or exclusive beach buildings (and palm trees!). These limited-time new buildings not only bring summery flair to your town, but also provide very useful bonuses. Those who want to benefit most from the Summer Casino can ask neighbors for help. For the neighborhood which collectively manages to turn the wheel of fortune a total of 77 times, a very special award awaits!


That’s right… this means you share the same fortune with your neighbors. The problem is that Greva always offers her profits only once. If you are particularly interested in an item, you should collect your tickets and go to the casino as fast as possible. Who knows, maybe one of your neighbors is interested in exactly the same valuable item …

Beach Bar

Greva Darn will be hanging around town until September 4th, and after that we say goodbye to summer and the bright lights of the casino. Until then, I wish you much success on the wheel of fortune and a great rest of the summer!


Whoever said progress was a slow process – Welcome to the Progressive Era

Forge of EmpiresTwo weeks ago I already announced a new era for our strategy hit Forge of Empires, now you can finally play it yourself on all major markets! Whether it is airships, cars or other modern technologies, the turn of the century not only offers a lot to explore, but also a completely new campaign.
In order to give you an overview of the new age, I made some screenshots.
Let’s start with an excerpt from my town. As you can see, there is already an airship hovering over my city. Major industrial plants are connected by modern two-way streets and centrally located parks offer a welcome place for serene recovery.

City Screen
In the second screenshot you can see our new battleground, complete with barbed wire, trenches and modern units. What strikes you immediately on the battlefield is that completely new strategies are needed in order to win. How can you stop enemy tanks, how much protection is provided by your own trenches or how accurate is the enemy sniper? A lot of work for ambitious generals!

Battle Map

In the next three pictures you can some more of the brand new buildings available in the Progressive Era. Firstly, the modern town hall with glass dome and parking, which will continue to be the heart of your metropolis.

Electricity Plant

The second picture shows the new electricity plant, that supports your town with much needed power. In the future, you will not only need electricity for basic illumination, but also for shops’ neon signs and modern factories.

City Park

In the third picture you can see the previously mentioned park, with pond and paddle boat for your residents to provide recovery from the routine of everyday life.
Do you also want to check on your city and start the new campaign. Simply login, a new era awaits you!