The new version of the Future : Oceanic Future!

Are you also having an increasingly hard time bearing the cold  in the Arctic future? Then it’s time to explore a new version of the future! This time the game takes you into the dark abyss of the ocean! The ocean will experience an unusual seismic activity that will change the world as we know it. The … Continue reading The new version of the Future : Oceanic Future!

The clouds have gone away!

The wind is getting stronger and the clouds have been blown away, revealing the complete paintings they were hiding before! This means we can share with you now some teaser paintings for our next era! Please do keep in mind that these are “just” mood paintings and not actual ingame buildings! 

Christmas time is in the air!

Ho Ho Ho! Your favourite event is already available on Beta, so it’s time for a small retrospective! The last years you could participate in our traditional Winter Event in Forge of Empires. This event brings a Winter Shop in which you can use Winter Stars to open presents! The quests were and are the main source of winter stars, … Continue reading Christmas time is in the air!