Forge of Empires – Introducing the modern Era

Forge of EmpiresAfter launching the modern Era on the International Server last week, it is now possible for all players on all language versions to play our brand new age. To show you all the cool new features, buildings and technologies our Game Designer Peer Kröger will guide you through the new Age in a gameplay video:

As you can see there are a lot of new features to explore so don’t waste time and immerse yourself in the time of the good old Rock ’n Roll!

10 thoughts on “Forge of Empires – Introducing the modern Era

  1. Why would you not let us just pay $60 and buy the game out right, pulling people along like this is really annoying.

  2. I just had 2 questions about problems I’m having with the site;(1) my guild page never seems to upload someone sent me an invite but I had no way of responding?(2) I won my last pvp tourney but this week it’s not giving me credit for any battles won.Why not? I apologize for asking these questions here;but didn’t know where else to ask.

  3. My grandson is trying to get on this game, but is having no luck with the sign in. When he tried switching from his grandmother’s computer to mine, he is first told that his name is already used – yeah – on the other computer – can’t the sign-on go from one computer to another? Then he is told the above email address is already used when he tried to switch his pass word????

  4. I have a sibling that has just started playing and I know how hard it was for me to start off so I was wanting to know why is there a gift button if we can not use it to help people out. Summary I would enjoy the gift button to work to sent my gifts our supplies/gold to people/guild to help them.

  5. I would be nice to have something pop up to let you know when you have mail. Like a a dot that flashes.

  6. What if there was a mobile app, you know like an iPhone app. Because I’m not always around my computer and i used to play Grepolis from the mobile app and i thought it was the coolest app ever!

  7. I am trying to load my city but keep getting a server error. Is there something I am doing wrong or is my internet connection messed up?

  8. I can not seem to find the Modern Era game. I already play FoE and enjoy it so I would like to do the Modern Era as well. Could anyone please tell me how I actually get to play the game. Thanks for your help.

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