The epic battle begins – Guild Wars are coming soon!

Forge of Empires

Warfare, lots of players and an ever-changing balance of power – you will find all that and much more in our brand new guild vs. guild feature which is being worked on right now. A first teaser of the upcoming feature is now online and playable on our beta server. There you can see firsthand what will be playable on all servers soon.

ProvincesEntering the guild vs. guild mode is very simple: After a click on the guild button, you will see a special continent map. This map is divided into several provinces. In this overview you can get information about sectors, see the results of recent events and battles, place defenses – form then on you will are able to lay siege to a sector and launch attacks on them, along with your guild members. If your guild is ready to attack, you can deploy a siege army in the army management screen.

army managementAfter you have gained control of a sector, the army you used as a siege army now becomes the sector’s first defending army.After a while you and your guild will be able to gain control of more and more provinces to raise your guild level! You need more information?  Check out the user guide.

The epic battle for provinces has already begun on the beta server, and I’m really looking forward to fight you all!

7 thoughts on “The epic battle begins – Guild Wars are coming soon!

  1. Good morning, it would be nice if you included the possibility of rotation of the buildings in order to optimize the unused spaces in the game

  2. I had an advanced game started and my computer logged me off. Now I can’t get back in because the sign in said the user name I had wasn’t correct. There’s nothing on the home page for technical support. Can you tell me how to find my user name?

  3. Hi there,
    There is a need to improve the economy system and be able to sell resources for gold piece or else. The actual economy system is too limited.
    The second thing is that players should be able to claim back their Diamants after selling a premium building, it is not fair or correct not to payback the diamant.


  4. Getting excited over the guild wars.. Does anybody know when its suppose to be up and running? (Hopefully it will beat the pace of Obamacare) lol

  5. Can a sector with an opponents’ HQ be attacked and won if that sector is adjacent to a sector owned by my guild? If it can be won, what happens to their HQ? Is it automatically moved or do they lose it if that sector is conquered? If they do lose it can they get it back?

    Grateful for any advice

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