Forge of Empires: Suggest a Great Building and become immortalized in the game!

Forge of Empires takes you on a journey through the Ages. Starting with a primitive settlement in the Stone Age, your city evolves through the dark middles ages to a huge settlement in the industrial age. Each era, its own style and architecture are being visualized in an especially impressive way by the magnificent Great Buildings. For the new age we’re planning, our developers had a great idea: We no longer want to decide on our own which Buildings will be included in the game. We want you to be involved in this process. Therefore you have the chance to help us choosing a new Great Building by making a suggestion in the Forge of Empires forum. The first one who suggests the winning buildings will win the prestige of seeing their names added to Forge of Empires, in the buildings’ description!

As soon as the contest is over, we’ll pick a handful of suggestions and you can vote for your favorite building to be included in the game.

This is how you do it: First, you have to register in the forum. Once you’ve registered, you can post your suggestion in the contest thread. These are the rules: Your suggestion must have been built between 1880 and 1930. Its only allowed to entry one suggestion per person. Do not repeat previous suggestions. Only the first entry for a suggested structure will be valid. You can look forward to great prizes:

  • If you are the first person from all game countries to suggest the chosen Great Building your name will be immortalized in Forge of Empires, in the Great Building’s description!
  • If you are the first person in the national contest who suggested the winning buildings, you will gain  a Full set of blueprints for a Great building of their choice, 3000 Diamonds and
    20 of each Good from player’s current Age.
  • We will give 1000 Diamonds and two Blueprints of the player’s choice to ten players who had great suggestions that we didn’t choose.

But be quick: The event ends on the 25th of March. Good Luck!

37 thoughts on “Forge of Empires: Suggest a Great Building and become immortalized in the game!

  1. How do I get this game off my computer. I refuse to buy Diamonds in order to progress further into the game.

    1. In total agreement. That and I don’t think they should have an option to trade forge points unless in the same guild. Let the more powerful characters build their own dang buildings instead of holding everyone else hostage. Under threat of attack and plunder.

  2. Ok I’ve got a couple of idea’s for the building thing !First of all though I’m gunna congratulate you on such a brilliant idea!
    You could do a Palace which is like the fortress for your empire! For more advanced stuff!
    Or you could do like a erm market which is where people trade foe example there could be a blacksmith selling armour or a farmer selling his produce!
    I hope you take in these creations!
    Dr Blood Out!!

  3. the Leaning Tower of Pisa would be a good one. the Borobudur Temple, Delphi. they would be some good ones

  4. Gare d’Orsay, now the famous Musée d’Orsay built in the year 1900.

    I love your game, great work, i hope to work on a game like this in future years myself. But first, college.

  5. sell your own blue print make the game a bit better ive like got twice x4 on a piece and i trade them end up with the x1 of one x2 of the other and no finished blue print

  6. let’s try something different than repetitif buildings.

    i suggest Mosque HASSAN II, casablanca, Morocco.

  7. How about an “Ark of the Covenant”. A mobile Great building that can be taken into battle. It can help boost your army’s effectiveness on the battlefield. Maybe it can take 2 unit spaces in your army and limited to the amount you can take with you like one per battle. Just a suggestion.

  8. A mobile Great Building like the “Ark of the Covenant” that can be taken into battle. It can boost your army’s attack. It can take up 2 spaces in your army and be limited to only one per battle to make it fair.

  9. Some proposals:

    -Santa Maria del Fiore, of Brunelleschi, in Florence, Italy
    -The Athens Parthenon, sculpted by Phidias, in Athens, Greece
    -The Holy Family (La Sagrada Familia) of Gaudí, in Barcelona, Spain

  10. You can make the buildings upgradable, as the eras pases by you can update the buildings, so you don’t have to demolish a building and made a new one.

  11. Do you already have the Hanging gardens? If not, they would be amazing! They could grant lumber and happiness. :)

  12. I have just begun playing with you and I am already amazed by the quality of the game, Thank you. With this said I am a history buff and I believe that with all eras comes a magnificant construction, 10th century Godfroi de Bouillon’s forteress in Belgium, 1752 (Екатерининский дворец) Castle Catherine, buit by Catherine the Great’s Daughter to commemorate her Mom, 1665 Versaille built by Louis XIV , Fontainebleau first buit by Saint Louis and the list goes on. You have given us a game that not only entertains but teaches young and old different eras and what theese eras had to offer. It would only be fit that your expert chose not only constructions relative to the era but also relative to political and financial apogéé of the given era. thnak you once again. Nathalie Mourea

  13. Teatro Amazonas, Manaus, Brazil
    Royal Holloway, University of London
    Palmenhaus Schönbrunn, Vienna
    The Château Frontenac, Quebec
    Altare della Patria, Rome
    Alcatraz, San Francisco

  14. hola solo quiero decir que cuando entras en planos de monumentos y canjear dos planos por uno te dan uno pero repetio es decir que ya tienes y no es justo . nada mas un saludo

  15. I understand paying for diamonds to speed up progress BUT I am getting very frustrated with trading multiple blueprints and repeatedly getting another multiple. I am close to stopping. please address this issue. im not saying it needs to be a guarantee, but when I trade ten times and getting another multiple each time, it makes me not want to play…
    ps…how about the taj mahal

  16. How about the lincoln Memorial for a great building Also some of the great buildings are to large and take up to much room.

  17. In Newport RI there is a old stone tower that no one really knows who built it. It has been featured on America Unearthed. Some say the Vikings, some say the Knights Templar. It can be easily found online by searching for NEWPORT TOWER Newport RI , I have several photos, and I am certain there are drawings on the internet. Some believe it was a base for a wind mill, others say it was a place of worship, some say it was a astronomical structure. It has been dated 14th century,, many years before Columbus sailed. I think it would make a good 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 . Check it out!

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