Forge of Empires: The Easter bunny arrived!

Did you already see the golden egg icons hovering over your decorations? They were not placed randomly by the Easter bunny, but they are part of our new Easter event in Forge of Empires. But that’s not all: You can look forward to special quests, the new action, “Hide Easter Eggs”, and a unique Easter Egg trade-in shop. But one thing at a time:

During the event, Easter eggs will be introduced as a new collectible resource. A graphic shows you how many eggs you have already collected. There are two ways to gather Easter eggs: Either you solve the special Easter quests and gain eggs as rewards, or you collect eggs other players have placed in your city. You can find hidden eggs with the already mentioned golden symbols. When you want to hide Easter eggs you can use the new hide Easter eggs action. To do so, visit a neighbor’s city and click on the new positive action. Just like with Forge Points, you have a hide eggs counter, which increments by one each hour, but there is a limit of six actions in the action bar. So choose wisely which neighbor you want to surprise.

So let’s talk about the new trade in shop:

Here you can exchange your eggs for pretty cool units, items and buildings. My personal favorites are the wishing well and a new unit, the rogue. The wishing well generates something at random. This could be Forge Points or supplies, but also diamonds! Very useful! The rogue is a new unit type with special abilities and, in my opinion, he is one of the most powerful units in Forge of Empires. Here is why: If the rogue is getting attacked, the initial damage is ignored completely. Instead, the Rogue transforms into a random other unit of your army. Isn’t this awesome?

To make the whole event and the new unit more clear to you, please find below a video. Enjoy!


The event will run until April 3rd. After it ends, the trader will remain available for a further week and leave on April 10th, giving you an opportunity to trade any remaining eggs.

14 thoughts on “Forge of Empires: The Easter bunny arrived!

  1. I traded in easter eggs for a rouge, he/she was with me for two battles – both victorious – still he/she went missing after the second battle. Died in the first battle, and came back. Died in the second not as my last soldier and never came back.
    You know where I find him/her ?

  2. During the easter event, there seems to be a problem with the hidden eggs. When someone hides an egg in my city while i’m logged on, I get the interruption message, but no egg can be found. This has happened 4 times so far, each time the egg counter remains unchanged and there is no egg on any of my decorations.
    Can this issue be addressed please (East Nagach).
    Thank you

  3. I bought two wishinwells, 2 x 2500 diamonds.. cant findd the buildings. But Diamodna are gone

        1. Hey, just click on the inventory icon (bottom left). After that you should click on “Buildings”. Found it?

  4. Hi:)

    I was wondering if there are any extra bonus, for buying all of the merchandize from the easter shop one time? If you haven’t bought an item, it says, when holding your mouse icon over the chosen item; You did not trade this item yet. I was hoping that you would get a bonus for working your way through all of the items in the shop:p

  5. In the city of ARVAHALL, I don´t have the counter that registers the eggs that I gave to other players !!!!!
    Only appear:
    * the prizes that can be won
    * the counter for the points of the collected eggs
    * the bar with the 6 eggs

    I registered in Arvahall several days ago. Please update the levels and the prizes for each level (6, 11, 22, 33, 47…).


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