Best Strategy Browser MMO 2013: Forge of Empires!!!

Browser games are our passion. Every single day we give our best to develop new great games and improve our existing ones. Enthusiastic players are the reward we get for our work. The happier are we if we get awarded for our efforts!

And this is exactly what just occurred. Our strategy game Forge of Empires won the jury award in the category ”Best Strategy Browser MMO 2013“ at the „MMO of the Year Awards“. Our whole team was very glad and honored about this decision. We see the award as an incentive to continue to improve the game and making it even better. All for one reason –  to make our players happy!

10 thoughts on “Best Strategy Browser MMO 2013: Forge of Empires!!!

  1. Love the game ‘Forges of the Empires. But it has a real bad bug. sometimes there’s no problem. But lately, if your not watching it close, everything spoils.
    real hassle spending a lot of time and some money, just to have nothinf
    g to show for it. Any i can try or just wait for a fix.

    THX, I Realy like this game.

  2. Hi you have recently done a update on this game and since then i have not been able to get on this game … it goes to the innogames page then on to load n it only goes to 60% and does nothing more… i have spent a lot of money on this game and im no longer able to play it please can you help….?

  3. j’ai acheter des Diamants pour 50€. payer par paypal et pas de diamants mais mon compte bien debité….. problemmes ou…

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