Attention Kings and Queens: Be prepared for a very special Valentines event!

All years again, we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day on February 14. Worldwide, this date stands for the celebration of love and harmony, of course also in Forge of Empires. But this year everything has changed: Instead of Love and Peace everywhere, the most tragical Lovers of all times will visit you from February 11 – Romeo and Juliet. As you know, those two star-crossed lovers have a hard time being a couple, is your turn to help them to achieve their first ever happy ending! For variation, the quest differs depending on the gender of your avatar, so you will be asked for help by Romeo or Juliet. You have one week to solve the problems of our Lovers and bind them in love and harmony again.

And that’s really worth it: In addition to the priceless feeling of doing the right thing, you can look forward to a great unique building! So you have good reasons to do your best and prevent their well-known tragic end.

And now: Put out your handkerchiefs, Romeo and Juliet are counting on you!

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  1. I have been locked out of my worlds and can not get a response from the company to help me. Anyone have any advice?

  2. mr pants

    I’m playing the Cirgard world.

    I bought and expansion, placed it in my city and started to build on it.

    A “server error” popped up on the screen.

    When I refreshed the screen, the expansion had disappeared from my city!!!

    No matter how many times I refresh etc it has not re-appeared.

    Has this happened to anyone else and can any thing be done about it?

  3. sj

    Happy Valentine!!

  4. jo

    muze mi nekdo rict v jake budove muzu vyrabet po 2 hod.
    jinak se ten valen.ukol neda dokoncit

    dekuji za odpoved

  5. hi all i’m nubie
    how to finish quest valentine :
    “in one type of production bulding, finish a 1-day production 2 times”
    thanks ..

  6. king edwards

    hello i completed the Juliet quest i think it was the one where you complete a technologie or something like that well any way it has the green check mark by her name but i can not click on it to accept it.just wondering if it was because of the “bugs” cause i did read that message. or if it was a new bug or just me my computer and stuff not frozen.

  7. arantxa

    no se si es aki donde devo escribir el mensaje de la mision “San Valentin”.
    Si no es aki… decidme donde porfavor!! :D


    People keep plundering my village without attcking. How are they getting past my defences?

  9. Aoi-Kaji

    I just want to say I enjoyed the beginning of the Valentine’s Quest UNTIL I reached the part where I had to polish 30 buildings. I couldn’t polish ANY because every single one was always polished. And if they weren’t polished, there were “no actions possible”. 30 trees, 28 polished, 2 un-polished and “NO ACTIONS POSSIBLE”. It didn’t matter when or where I went, everything was already polished, or unpolishable, so this made me quite angry.

    • cwissy2

      so pleased to read others have had the same problems as I had in the past. Why could we not just be able to enjoy he game fairly, I put it down to ‘playing for free’.

  10. tom burckhardt

    Hey i was playing for a good 3 or 4 months, then stopped for about a month, a good friend just discovered the game so i am trying to get my old account back. it doesn’t seem to work
    How much idle time did it take to make my old account inactive? Also can i reopen it or is gone forever?