Forge of Empires on Linux: How it works!

Forge of Empires on Linux: How it’s works!

In the last several days, I received a lot of mails regarding Forge of Empires and Linux. At the moment, it’s not possible to play Forge of Empires on Firefox, Opera or any other browser except Google Chrome. This is caused by the Flash player 11.3 which is not supported for Linux. First of all we have to say “sorry” to you! Unfortunately, we have no influence on Adobes software support. But we know about the problem and we are working on it!

For the moment, the only way to play Forge of Empires on Linux is to use the Google Chrome Browser! This browser contains the Flash player 11.3 and therefore it’s ready to play Forge of Empires.

I hope this instruction helps you to play Forge of Empires on Linux!

25 thoughts on “Forge of Empires on Linux: How it works!

  1. Hey ,
    Listen , i think it would be sooo cool if you could play forge of empires on tablets that have flashplayer! That way people who play forge of empires wouldent have to stay at home … or bring the laptop whith them , because as long as theres Wi-Fi you would be able to play Forge of Empires in SOOO many places .. because its not convinient to bring a laptop whith you , but whith a tablet its small thin and its not heavy :D Basicly youd be able to get supplies .. taxes even more frequently … even when your out of the house ;D

  2. I think a lot of my own confusion was that I did not realize that Chromium and Google Chrome are different browsers.

    My Chromium (an Ubuntu software download) stops supporting Flash at 11.2

    Go directly to and download the browser.

    If your desktop icon is blue, that’s the wrong “Chrome”. The one that supports the version of Flash needed for Forge is the multi-colored icon.

      1. For me I will not be able to play this game.
        As you already know, this game need flash >= 11.3 and adobe did not developpe any more flash for linux, excepted for chrome.
        But chrome is not free, so, the game is fished for me…..

          1. Chrome != Chromium

            Chromium is free and open source.
            Chrome is based on Chromium.
            Chrome is not free and not open source.
            Chrome didn’t respect your private life
            mmh … in this text :
            – free != no money

  3. Hi,

    I see I was a little too harsh with I first response. There is a workaroud for Linux players.

    It works fine for me.

    Thanks for pointing out this “solution”.

    Kind regards,

    Jan Gerrit Kootstra

  4. Why did you change your version of player for this game?
    It worked perfectly “before” ….
    Hopefully I did not want to immediately buy points for this game! I would have demanded a refund immediately!
    You’ve just lost a player (and surely many others using GNU/Linux) … miscalculation of your part!

  5. Hmmm….
    Looks like I’ll have to get the latest Chrome then.
    Seeing as I have a system built on a Slackware-derivate (Vector-Linux) that might get a bit hairy, but I thnk I’ll manage.

    More to the point:
    Wouldn’t it be prudent to move your games over to a HTML5-framework?
    I know; not something you do overnight, but as I see it, Flash has had its longest time on the ‘net by now.
    Might as well join the New World Order.

  6. For linux users.
    to my limited knowledge latest version of flash player for google chrome (chromium) is 11.2 if u use build-in player. But adobe continue development of flash player for linux only for chromium trough Pepper API
    Latest version is 11.5. If you have difficulties to setup cromium to use pepper flash player search internet there is few good instructions how to do it.

    1. Hey Andrija! The point is, that Google Chrome and Chromium are not the same browsers :) You won’t be able to play Forge of Empires on Chromium, thats right. But it’s no problem with Google Chrome.

  7. Will there be a solution for those userers that do not have chrome on their pc? Is there a plan to get Forge of Empires running with Flash 11.2 again? Otherwise, sadly, I will have to quit this game…

      1. The link is dead.
        Since this thread is still the number one hit after several Google tasks, it might be a good idea to update the link.

  8. Hello all of you great people at Innogames!
    Just an FYI; by Linux, I am not sure if you meant Mac based machines also. I use Opera on my Mac OS X and it is great.
    Thank you for the great game! You guys are awesome!

  9. I am using firefox and I am on Ubuntu 11.4. I am using wine and firefox with the adobe flash 11.5. I have minor issues but not nearly as bad as with firefox on Windows and flash 11.5.

  10. how long is this gonna take im having a hard time getting into my game when using firefox so im just wondering how long its gonna take to beable to pla this game again

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