Attention Forge of Empires fans: How to use duplicate blueprints sensibly

Hey commanders,

In my last post, I told you how happy I was to see the first Great Buildings in my neighborhood. A lot has changed since then: After motivating and supporting my neighbors, I started to collect blueprints for my own Great Building. So far so good, but after some time, I had collected some identical blueprints, not knowing what to do with them. With the new update, our developers included a function for that: From now on, you have the possibility to exchange your needless blueprints. You just need two sets of double blueprints of the same building, or one certain type of blueprint three times. If these requirements are met, you can trade two blueprints for one new random blueprint. Therefore, with this function your superfluous blueprints become valuable.

Here is an illustrated instruction:

First step:

Open your Great Building construction menu. As you can see here, I got blueprint part two and eight for my statue twice.


Second step:

If you click on both of the blueprint parts you can mark them – (visible on the green frame). After that, the “trade”- button shows green and is clickable. When you now click on it, the last thing to do is to accept the request from your consultant.


Third step:

Voilâ: As you can see, I lost two of my useless blueprints and got a complete new one.


You see, it is worth collecting blueprints, even if you find one of the same kind twice or more often.

Until then, good luck finding new blueprints.

34 thoughts on “Attention Forge of Empires fans: How to use duplicate blueprints sensibly

  1. I didn’t know where to ask for help but the server I normally play, Cirgard, keeps saying server error. I was able to enter Arvahall, but I would like very much to play Cirgard. So could please tell what’s wrong with the server and how long it will be before it is up and running again.

    1. Hey Lady Artimes. We feel very sorry for the problems, but we updated our servers yesterday. Everything should work fine now.

    1. ya that’s what you think till it just starts taking your 2 copies and turning them in to another copy and no new prints.

  2. I saw the duplicate blueprint upgrade. I would like to ask if you can add ot it? I have blueprints for a Great Building I have already created. Can you asssit with doing something about this waste? I could sale them or trade them for other great building pieces… next upgrade OK… :)

  3. Yes, it’s getting easier to get blueprints, i already have 3 great buildings and soon i’ll have 2 more , making them 5. i didn’t spend money on that.

  4. This will make it easier to get a great building but what about all the random blueprints I still get for Great building I’ve already built!!! I have around 20 BPs for the GB I already have and still get them randomly!!!

  5. I have 2 sets of the same blue prints from the same building, I make the trade and I receive another set of a bueprint I already posess. This is not fair, I am working hard to get the blueprints and I am practically robbed by the game taking two blueprints I don’t need and giving me another one, making another duplicate I don’t need. This happened twice already and I am getting tired of this.

  6. Hello,
    I did read through the Post but I only have one Part of the Blueprints 2 Copys and not a second one of the same were I got 2 Copys from. Would that work too? Cus otherwise it would be sad for me not to be able to use this feature.

    1. Hey, Timelay! I’m sorry, but you need two sets of double blueprints or one certain type of blueprint three times. So just keep on finding more blueprints! Good luck!

  7. the blue print you get for a Great Building that you have built, are useless once you built it and you still get more blue prints after built . that is no help at all

  8. I traded 2 BPs and the random one I got duplicated one that already had 2 of, giving me a triplicate! I trade the two spare and got a new one, which effectively cost me 3 BPs. Non-diamond players particularly have to work very hard to get BPs in the first place, and this seems a bit unfair on those who can’t just buy BPs with diamonds. I think it upsets the balance of the game by widening the gap between diamond and non-diamond players.

    1. Yes, I feel exactly the same. It has happened now 3 times with the same GB that I traded only to get another duplicate, and this is really very frustrating. I have the feeling that they want you to spend diamonds.

  9. Hello there!

    I just wanted to share something with you, that deals with the Great Buildings, which in my opinion is a bad joke.

    My experience from this action is very frustrating. I had 5 blueprints of the Lighthouse of Alexandria (two of them were duplicates), so I decided to trade the two duplicates with one new (which I expected to be the 6th out of 9 total). I guess I was wrong. The result was that I took back a blueprint of the Lighthouse, which I already had, thus I still have 5 blueprints of the building – with only one duplicate. You must be a genious to create such a mess.

    I hope the rest of you did not have such a bad experience.


    1. I agree blue print are too hard to get…. and this new addition only make the game worse. I work hard to play. I do not like the encouragement to fight eachother, just to get ahead… Why can they encourage corapation instead of fighting eachother….

      1. I am so with you on that Emily. I really enjoy this game. The one thing I do not like is the fighting. I know it’s a fact in certain games (and in life)… it’s just too bad you can’t play the game without the war part. I’m negotiating my way through the game so it’s taking me quite a bit longer than everyone else.

  10. Twice in brisgard i got duplicate BPs by trading the duplicate one for Lighthouse
    so this become annoying….not all

  11. Yes what can we do with BP of buildings we have built already and still have extra BP of them ?? A trading feature that would allow to trade for unbuilt one or to other player would be good.

  12. The BP are a great addition but finding them is baffling! Today I polished and motivated close to 100 players between my guild, friends and neighbours and not a single BP was uncovered. If this a glitch or just bad luck?

    Could you give us a hint on how the BP’s are placed or perhaps a couple of hints on a good way to find them?

  13. I’ve also had the experience of receiving another duplicate blueprint in exchange for two duplicates. Unless this is fixed, this new function is really one step forward and two steps back.

  14. Hello!
    When I read this wonderful post I think to myself that finally I can use thes BP duplicates usefully to get the Lighthouse of Alexandria building(I have 6BP)…Ok, then in a happy mood I go to FoE to trade with thes 2 BP duplicates… I mark thes useless duplicates and then I click 2:1 button, but nothing happened the useless BP was gone and I didnt get a new BP….I feel angry and in the same time robbed… good mood was gone… The BP’s is wery hard to find and when you lose the BP’s its depressing…
    I hope you understand what I mean…

  15. I have read the posts and it looks like there are many complaints tradeing the BPs yes it is frustraiting I agree with others I am more concerned with the dulicate BPs we get after a building is already made I have nearly got 1 building 2 times now and that is with multiple duplicates of the dupicates. I thinik that it would really be an improvement to be able to use those in some way… if not a blue print maybe forge points some thing……the idea of a great building is to be a challenge to get however some form of reward for those who are working twards a goal should be rewarded and I think that this would encourage more people to play the game and feel better about the game their city and INNO Games in general. It looks like multiple people are quite envolved in this game understanding what the players want is the greatest way to reach new goals, please consider the ideas and how to make your gameing population happy. It is a win, win for everyone from the player to the organization.

    Thank you for reading my post and digesting my ideas in a way that will be helpful to all.

  16. It is really frustrating to keep getting blue prints for Great Building that you have already built, as they are total useless. Let us have access to those GB to use the BPs for trading.

    Even more frustrating is trading 2 Blue prints to get 1 which you already have, surely to make it fair you should get one you need. I would happily trade 3 duplicates for a guaranteed 1 I need.

    Why can’t you allow us to trade duplicate blue prints from all great buildings for forge points 1bp for to 2FPs would be fair especially as you have to invest large amounts of FPs into any GB.

  17. It is very frustrating to get Blueprints for buildings that can’t be built. There should be a way to prevent players that have already constructed a building from receiving blueprints for that building. It would keep players interested in constructing Great buildings.

  18. I agree with the above. You work hard to get blueprints and sacrifice forge point development. When at last you have one missing piece and you trade two duplicates – only to find they’re replaced by one duplicate in return so you’re worse off than when you started – it feels unfair. Great Buildings are a long-term effort and hard enough as it is. The rest of the game is so well thought out – surely it would be possible to make sure a duplicate trade always fills a gap?

  19. I am in agreement that trading 2 blueprints to get a copy of another one you already have is frustrating. Its like working backwards it makes it so this feacher is useless. Why do I want to trade two of something I have for a copy of another thing I already? whats the point? Now I have to work to find another copy then try and trade them two and get stuck with another copy might as well just collect doubles and not trade them. This was the most pointless update unless you can get it to give only prints that are not already owned you might as well just scrap it its not worth the time to work backwards .

    1. i am in support of u, they better scrap this idea of trading a blue print that one spent time and days to earn for a blueprint you already have. it’s all bullshit if you guys can’t do any thing about it. Because what is the ensence of playing when you might end up at the same spot. the right way it should be is straight forward trade 2 blueprints for a new one not a probability stuff.

  20. Hello!

    Please be advised that some of my friends are being threatened frequently by stronger members to contribute with forge points, polish and motivate his cities. This is really a bad behavior and I suggest to ban those members.

    Please let me know what the support can do for help?

    Thank you.

  21. The problem is that the system is so dumb that you keep getting random blueprints of ones you already have over and over…this shit is hard to get as it is then to have duplicate after duplicate just turn into more duplicates….WTF!!!

  22. i traded 18times on Zues too just keep get the same ones.So i give up still need 1bp so now I just keep them all and when I do get that 1 all the outhers will make it go to level 11and then12 that’s the way I going at it now. I have 5gb needing just one bp. NO more tradeing with the game. It would be nice if u could trade with Guild mates,just make it 1-1at the same age and 1-2 age up and so one and of corse the game get it cut so say 10fp for the trade something like that

  23. I have done the blueprint trade at least 10 times, each time I get a blueprint that I already have…….sounds like the game is kinda rigged to make you use diamonds to buy the pieces you need…..not cool.

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