Be not afraid of Greatness! Great Building Tutorial

Hey Guys,

Just a few days ago we released the Great Buildings to Forge of Empires and I already noticed some of them in my neighborhood. I think the huge constructions look pretty awesome and in addition to that they bring you great bonuses. Raising a Great Build takes time and effort, so – to support you with the task, I recorded a quick walkthrough video to show you the most important steps from the first blueprints to the finished construction and the features the Great Buildings provides you.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

18 thoughts on “Be not afraid of Greatness! Great Building Tutorial

  1. I have not found any other blueprint in my Dinegu world since the first though I polish, motivate, plunder every day. I think my profile has been excluded or something is very wrong. It’s becoming something of a bore.

  2. I can not log into the game? Can someone give me a site to get this fixed?? I have changed my password 5 times now and it keeps saying wrong password?

  3. This game is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will not recommend this game to anyone. It was fine until the Middle Ages, then game play comes to a stand still. Timer on the archers does not time correctly. Example: Took 44 minutes to complete 23 minutes of construction. Another case in point; had 19 minutes left in construction of a unit. Check back later, it had 22 minutes left. 15 minutes later checked again, had 23 minutes left. I know these unit take a long time, (too long), but really !!!

    Another real sore point is medals. The only way to receive medals is to fight, okay, fine. But, when a player wins more battles then there are players in less then one day, what’s up with that?!? Is there a way to fight across other maps? I would like to know how a player can post 32 battles, then 69, and then 22 more in less the 24 hours with only 50 players?!?

    There is something seriously wrong with this game. I’ll walk away from it for a few days in the hopes that the issues are addressed. Right now this game is junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Heya! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any trouble with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing months of hard work due to no back up. Do you have any solutions to protect against hackers?

  5. My whole guild is under attack by a former member who is taking the opportunity to use blackmail on my guild members saying that if we assign our forge points to his great building he wont attack and plunder us for one day. i think i would like to have this matter dealt with and this guy banned as he is surely breaking some rule by doing this and if there is no rule or punishment for people like this there really should be. i have taken a snip of the guild chat he posted it in as evidence but i cant see anywhere to send it. Can anyone help?

  6. it would be helpful if you put the age of the building on the blueprints in inventory so we can try to motivate/polish/plunder same age buildings for additional bp’s!!

  7. El juego es lento, pero entretenido. Lo que es un escándalo es que jugadores de distintas épocas y TECNOLOGIAS puedan retarse, es más, que el jugador de mayor tecnología pueda retar y crecer mediante saqueo a otro de distinta época. Eso si que es de valientes y las reglas de este juego escritas por otro valiente, salud.

  8. Ik wordt er helemaal gek van!!!
    Van die opdrachten!!
    Het kan echt niet.. (dit zeg ik allemaal bekakt)
    Jullie kunnen de pot op en veeg wel je reet even af…

  9. eh je suis nouveau et je parle francais je parle très moyenemt anglais alors pour ce repérer c’est très dur et pi bonne parti . j’ai remarquer que c’est le seul jeu ou l’on nous demande pas 5000 choses inutile bref que des trucs cools sauf le site qui est en anglais

  10. i already complete the mission that been request by ragu silvertongue but it continues to apear the same mission what i can do? i can avance in the game because already do that mission.
    please contact me give me one answear

  11. I am already registered with forge of empires,but when i try to get into game,it is now asking me to register and it will not let me play my game which i have been playing for over a month.How do i get back into my game and can you help me,thank you.

    1. If you haven’t found an answer yet, maybe I can tell you how I figured it out for me because it happened to me as well. Make sure that it’s in the right continent/country first, because that really sux. Next, if you installed an update for the game and that’s when it started to mess up, remove that update! That should fix it for you!


  12. Hi
    Inn forgeofempires I have a strange thing going on …
    All the Times CristalJ is attacking my City … there are all the supplier gone with there Resources means … all my suppliers don’t give any Resources…

    How i understand the game is .. that 1 time you attack so that you can get 1 building for resources … AND NOT ALL OF THEM … but CristalJ can get them all … and they are not even Log’d on the LOGFILE…

    Please look that all is going fair


  13. Hoy all.

    Find it a nice game but find it a great pity if you have a lot of coins every time that you get no extra points can buy. e.g. 10,000 coins for 1 diamond or 5000 coins for 1 forge point.
    Who also think so about??.

  14. i think that the bonus building like the nutcracker and the confectionary should level up when you change Age. If you play the game for awhile and got the bonus building at a low Age , the building will get useless .
    Just a thought .
    thx Great Game

    1. I have to agree with this idea. Since they are bonus buildings that have no upgraded equivalent building like the rest of the standard buildings I too think it would be nice if the bonus buildings automatically upgraded when it comes to the amount if happiness or timed collection of coin/supplies.

      Pretty good game thus far. I haven’t spent one dime yet on diamonds yet I’m advancing pretty well in the game and have even won a small share of medals. Thank you and keep up with adding new features.

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