Santa Clause is coming to Town…

Ho Ho Ho commanders,

Did you mention it? Christmas is around the corner and for that reason we will bring you a special present: Starting December 1, you will get a brand new quest line from Frosty the snowman and his friends. Each day, he will ask you for help – but don’t panic:  If you can’t log in for a few days, you will get all unsolved quests chained up, so that you won’t miss anything.

Completing the quests gives you special rewards, like new avatars and two unique buildings, which are in my view really great. Here you can see a picture of the unique “Nutcracker” the other building is a secret…

 So do your best to help our snowman, the rewards are worth it.

8 thoughts on “Santa Clause is coming to Town…

  1. SantaClaus has been here long time :) Santa´s home is in Korvaunturi, in Lappland. His home town can also be found both in Edessa in Grepolis and in Dinegu in FoE.
    Hoo Hoo Hoo :)

  2. I’ve made a mistake on the 14th mission of Frosty, I’ve thought i had to finisate instead of motivating, so thought was an error and I cancelled this quest. Of course, that means I can’t have the nutcracker. THERE IS ANY POSSIBILITY OF UNDOING THAT AND GET THE NUTCRACKER?

  3. Hello, I think I have an issue with the winter quests. After I had finished the first 10 quests, it said that I had been granted the Santa Crake… or something like that. But I found it no where in my inventory. I just wondering what was going on with the gift that granted me for the first 10 finished quest?

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