Hex maps and the German Game Developer Award

All hail,

Yesterday I had some pretty good fights in Forge of Empires and of course I won – nearly always….

While I was leading my troops, I noticed that I really like those hex map fights. They remind me of some old classic games like Panzer General or Battle Isle, besides of that those hex maps gives you a lot of possible tactics.

My favorite strategy focuses totally on ranged units. I place them perfectly in the terrain and let my opponents come. Before even reaching my army, I can attack and destroy his troops. Sadly some opponents used quick units and attacked me very fast so I had no chance with my lightly armored army. Besides of that I think the key to success is the different terrain. When you are able to place your troops on good spots you have the chance to beat even stronger armies. Unfortunately I had to learn that…

But it’s not only me who likes the complex way of fighting. Forge of Empire has been nominated for the German Game Developer Award! The jury chose Forge of Empires from a panel of 120 submitted titles. The prize will be awarded on December 12 in Düsseldorf. So cross your fingers!

See you on the battlefield!