5 million players!!! The Forge of Empires Family Keeps Growing

Did you remember our announcement about one million registered Forge players after eight weeks? Back then, we were totally overwhelmed. But now, six months after release, we reached the number of five million registered players and we are completely speechless.

Thanks to all of you! You are the reason why we work so hard on the game and we are very happy to see that you enjoy it in the same way we do. We also love that this game is really very international. Would you have guessed that we have 650,000 players from Brazil? Or 500,000 from France? But most important, is the fact that you give us great feedback about the game, so that we can improve it even more.

So what about the future of Forge of Empires? We are still working very hard to fix all bugs and create new content for the game. For example, we will introduce the new Great Buildings into the game, which will increase the meaning of guilds. On top of that, in early 2013, the Industrial Era is coming with a lot of new buildings, units and technologies. And believe us, we have a lot more plans in mind.

There is a lot to come in the future, so stay tuned!

See you on the battlefield!

14 thoughts on “5 million players!!! The Forge of Empires Family Keeps Growing

  1. Why dont you try sponsering in stead of letting players “pay to win”?
    I can see me building a Heineken beer factory , or a Melkunie milkfactory etc. Opel could use some advertisement, etc. and 5 miljon players, Its a market!!
    With the Great buildings the game is split in spenders and nonspenders. It also is made les fun to play, It is not the latest adjustment iguess that will cost players money to keep up. This way the game is just one of the “free games, but only for the elite of spenders”-games. Pitty.
    Greetings ,
    Piet Douma

  2. server #3 cirgard has been down for over 2 hrs and I usually do 15 minute productions and have lost them now and several times before because of similar problems. what is the problem? until you fix it could you possibly make it less likely for production to expire?

  3. Bonjour à tous,

    Je ne sais pas à qui ni où je dois m’adresser pour signaler une erreur du jeu, ce qui arrive de temps en temps, mais en quittant le jeu, lors de la connection suivante la régularisation est normalement automatiquement faite.
    En effet, je viens de conquérir la province de New cragshare avec un butin de 40000 pièces et de 40000 marchandises et bien je n’ai pas reçu le butin!!!
    Il y a-t-il quelque chose à faire?

    Je tiens à préciser aussi que dès que j’ai reçu le message pour le sondage sur les nouveaux grands monuments, j’ai essayer de m’inscrire sur le forum immédiatement mais je n’ai pas pu. Toujours le même message erreur sur le mot de passe…
    Ce n’est qu’environ une heure plus tard, après plusieurs essais, que j’ai pu enfin y parvenir. Hélas, les 2 idées que j’avais eu : la tour Eiffel et la Statue de la Liberté étaient les seules déjà proposés d’où mon manque d’imagination et d’originalité…
    C’est très dommage car je pense qu’ils seront gagnant… mais sans moi!

    A + et bon jeu tous

  4. Hi!
    I would like to report about a bug or you can call it as a bad feature that should be repaired ASAP. :)))

    In the market should be perfect distinction(in color or better in different section) between alias and personal sell/ buy.

    As it exist now after latest update, this problem is still persist.It cause to inconvenience because of local rules of many alliances.
    In every good game this distinction is exist.
    Very many thanks.
    P.s. Another thing : in many games even a simple login cause to gifts. And in “Forget of Imipres” you haven’t, If you don’t do some hundred of clicks :)
    So, please don’t mess with windows that must to be clicked- it is enough to see this in log :)
    For ex.
    1 day – 100 gold 100 res
    2 day- 200 gold 200 res
    3 day- 3 medals
    4 day -4 draft for any BC(random)
    5 day- 5 brilliants
    If user don’t login, obviously counting starts from the beginning.

  5. The only thing they overlooked is being able to rotate the buildings to better utilize the expanded area to make things fit better and allow you to place more things.

  6. I had an account here “Stefan Popa – username” – Anap’s Town – and my save was deleted.

    What happened here?

    Can you answer me please?
    My email adress: stefan.popa84@yahoo.com

    Thanks in advance,
    Stefan Popa

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