Version 0.20 released!

To be honest with you, I found the crafting system of Forge of Empires quiet annoying. To click on every single building to get your resources is quiet boring, right? Our developers thought that too and included a brand new system in the fresh 0.20 version. Now it is much easier to collect your goods with only one click. Isn’t that great? We will save a lot of time now to do more important things like fighting epic battles or conquer whole provinces.

Besides  that, the update includes tons of bug fixes and a couple of new features; for example, the trading system. Now it’s possible to let other players see what goods you need and which you have to sell. This is shown in your profile now, so you don’t have to write it in your profile text anymore.

As you see, we are working hard on improving Forge of Empires and we will continue so in the future.

Stay tuned for more updates… and see you on the battlefield!