Forge of Empires – The Shape of Things to Come

Jolly times for us and our fans: Only eight weeks into its Open Beta start, and Forge of Empires recently celebrated 1 million registered players. Also, we got nominated for a European Games Award – you can still vote here, and might win one of 20 free tickets to the award show – maybe you will meet our product manager Nino there, say hi and buy him a beer :)

Well, of course we’re very happy with the current direction of Forge of Empires. Since our community is the main drive behind our approach to constantly improve the game, we thought it would be time to tell you guys some details about what to expect in the future – we’re talking features, baby! And there is a hell of a lot of them planned.

As you know, Forge of Empires is a journey through time. At the moment, the journey ends with the Late Middle Ages. But soon, we’ll be one step closer to present times, with the introduction of the Colonial Age. Check out the first screenshots of brand new buildings. Pretty impressive, huh? The Colonial Age will be implemented in the game very soon. We can’t wait to see your cities incorporating the new buildings.

Another feature which has been eagerly anticipated by lots of people, including us, is getting closer: Great Buildings! By collecting blueprints, preparing a huge building space and getting help from some friends and guild buddies, you can construct the pride of your city – one of the most legendary buildings in history. Coliseum anyone? Or the cathedral of Notre Dame? Next to being the envy of all your friends, Great Buildings provide your city with major boosts. And if you help somebody finish his or her Great Building, you will receive some sweet rewards as well!

Another area that will receive changes very soon is multiplayer – cooperative as well as competitive. Very soon we will introduce friend’s lists and new social interactions, for example “repair” and “ravage”. With “repair”, a visiting player can repair a plundered building, restoring its full harvest. Using “ravage”, an attacker damages a decorative building. It loses its effect until it is repaired by the owner.

PvP will also receive some new, cool features. With live-battles, you can challenge other players on the battlefield, instead of fighting their AI-army. With guild battle maps, large groups of players will have to collaborate in order to conquer areas from other guilds and defeat them. We are planning to implement all features mentioned above within this year – and we are super exited to experience all those features with you. Are you as well?


56 thoughts on “Forge of Empires – The Shape of Things to Come

  1. So cool ! Can’t wait to see all this new features !! Thx FOE for all those hours of fun !

  2. Any body else getting to 70% loaded then never actually loading starting to get really frustrated. cheers craig

      1. when ya changed the login ya made it where i cant play i do not know my nickname or password will ya please figure this out for me thank you

  3. Gotta say the buildings look fab. Can’t thank you guys enough for a fantastic game. I think, the best i’ve ever played. I am a little concerned about the direction of combat: Which looks like it’s in for a massive overhaul. Just hoping it’s not going to end up as another mass brawl. I realise you must cater for the masses of course and that i am in a minority. Thanks again folks, Brilliant.

    1. I’m with you, Mike.
      I left Grepolis because I didn’t need, or want, the hassle of combatting enemies all the time who continually ravaged and destroyed my cities.
      If that starts happening here, I’m off!!
      I don’t mind it as it is because not much damage is done and I can continue to develop a civilisation.
      If I wanted a wargame I would have found one.
      Calire, Westminster, Arvahall

      1. so you rather play …. sim city ???

        guild wars and “on-time” wars is a must.

        without that … the game will prove to be quite boring with time.

    2. Like the look of the new buildings and a new research tree but tens to agree with others that if this includes ravage and destroy cities as well as multiplayer battles I too am off.
      Joined the game because it does not depend entirely on a free-for-all mass punch-up. Really thought FoE was different.
      Like Mick and Calaire I’m gone if the ‘mass brawl’ part is actioned.
      Can you imagine “friends” or Guilds picking on one specific player who may be a threat to them??
      They could destroy a city within 24hours to the point that the victim backs out of the game.
      Not the best way to encourage players is it??
      Nah, I reckon this is a step too far in the wrong direction

  4. Awesome, I cant wait to see all the new additions and features! This game gets better and better with every week! Keep up the great work :)

  5. hy
    hope you will develop first manualy defence and just after that war between guild

    other way nice game…

  6. What can you do besides buy research points that takes coins.I currently have 9240 coins and want to use them.

    1. Hi Tshel,

      Coins and supplies are very important for setting up buildings, recruiting troops or producing goods.

  7. I can’t wait for this! I’m like 240th in the world and I am so excited about improving my ranking. Now my question is what will the housing look like and what size will the production buildings be as if they are as big as I think (3×3 and 4×4) they will be hard to incorporate my town?

    On FoE I am under the name of cazza5478 and leader of guild Manticore if anybody wanted to know.

    1. Hi cazza5478,

      we will release further information about the new Colonial Age in the near future. So stay tuned!

  8. hy
    and i have one more question, please

    when Inventory will work? is that one of your`s concern?


    1. Hi habarnuam,

      we are working on the inventory at the moment and will release further information in the near future. Stay tuned!

  9. Mabye we could go further into the and conquer different planets and have sports like football and tennis

  10. i dont really like the idea,of making Foe to the present times cuz nobody wants a RTS online game with cars and troops like machine guns or other crap ! if i wanna play a game like that i will buy Sim City … My rank is 33 on Romanian server ( Brisgard ) and i love this game but it will suck if you gonna change it to modern warfare with modern buildings and modern combat units ! Middle ages are the best ( spers /bows and knights ! so sweet ! dont ruin the game ! )

    sorry for my bad english !!!


    1. I agree Wholeheartedly! This game is soppossed to be in ancient times! I already think colonial is a little to far already.

      1. Again I tend to agree up to a point. I think Colonial will be OK – but no further than that. I wholeheartedly agree that the game should be pegged at ‘ancient times’. The game has a great feel to it at the moment. Can you imagine getting to a modern era (say 1945) and a dirty great nuclear bomb wipes out your city? Nah thanks, hold it at Colonial and remove the plans for mass fights

  11. boo!!!!!!!! its gonna suck being in modern ages why not just skip to the future but mordern days we allready live in. this game is my all time favorite web browser game don’t ruin it. By the way I play a lot of web browser games.

    Join my guild Devils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. j’aimerai bien avoir des lignes de francais
    je trouve nul d’etre sur un jeu en version francaise d’etre basculé a chaque fois sur des site en anglais

  13. What a relief to learn playing a silly computer game receives the type of reaction in such “Basement Astronauts” as Vortican; in the hopes this “Tissue Miester” is entirely spent before ever surfacing and making contact with an actual human being. Play On, Dud!! Yeah, I meant D-u-d.

    To the Whiners – right click “support” and draw a ticket; this is a blog about future changes, not bugs..Sheesh!
    As for “catering to the masses”,… Mick? You are not alone. Well, at least in your feelings about an “open pvp field” game change. I, for 1, no 2, w8…5+ and counting, am not keen on the idea and also left Grepolis (like Calire) for the same reasons. I enjoy the battles and welcome looters who beat me and would love a 1-on-1 battle option. Option! Runescape, you guys will never catch but its advisable to allow your loyalists options or lose your front.

    Ya got bugs still plaguing the current designs, better to perfect the existing game and stop kissing the “gotta-mount-that-next-hill” stone.

    PS: Who was referenced when seeking Colonial Architecture?? The Radius Tracery is definetly on OVERKILL!



    1. Hi Rovalu,

      We are already discussing a lot more cool features for Forge of Empires. So please be patient and stay tuned until we announce them.

  15. all my trades are missing and the goods that i have to trade are missing too is this normal i lost 20 of rope and 20 granite today what appening with the game tradings?

    1. Hi LordSeth,

      Sorry for the inconvenience. Are you sure you lost the goods or did you traded them accidentally? In case you lost your goods, you can either find some help in our forum at: or you can write a support ticket by right-clicking in-game and then selecting support.

    1. Hi matek,

      To delete your account, please write a support ticket by right-clicking in-game and then selecting support.

  16. Para proponer ideas……En las batallas y para lograr mejor componente táctico..podría elevarse el numero de unidades del ejercito a 16 o crear un ejercito de reserva para labatalla misma. Gracias

  17. Please help me i’m trying to buy diamonds its imposible for me to do so
    . i like the game but its so dificult to buy things.

    1. Hi JOHNAMBLER53,

      Sorry for the inconvenience. You can buy diamonds in the upper right corner of the screen, next to the diamonds indicator. If this isn’t working, please write a support ticket by right-clicking in-game and then selecting support.

  18. hy

    bizzare thing to put us to vote for best browser game of the year…

    game is still BETA…
    game have lot of known bugs like refresh in fight for a better map…
    game have no events… and also no happy hour for buying diamonds…
    game have no real pvp…
    guild are wrong think in matter of trade (you put a limit for guild trade insteed to make one for free trade)…
    guild wars are not yet part of the game…

    and you want to be vote as #1 browser game…
    strange choise if you ask me.. any way good luck

    1. Hi habarnuam,

      Thank you for your comment. It is a real honor that Forge of Empires is nominated at the European Games Awards as Best Browser Game 2012. For us, the nomination is a result of our awesome community and our constant effort to improve the game, fix bugs and implement new features.

  19. hy

    i see that in that here, in that post, you answer to me… in the new one you didn`t yet…

    so how you ever think that we will buy diamonds when neighborhoods do not provide equal opportunities for all…

    how you think that i can buy premium bildings with diamonds when some one who has +20 neighborns then me can over pass me in rankings just from fights???

    if i have less then 45 people that i can atack,… why to buy diamonds if in one neighbourhood people next to me in global rankings have more then 60 people to atack… it`s just a metter of time to be pass in rankings…

    did you think that people in same ranking in global ranking, on each server, to have some neighborhood??? to have fair chances?



  21. If you plan to turn this game into another tribal wars I am out of here too. I was upset that I couldn’t purchase jewels now I am glad.

  22. Well – apparently you’re losing users. I no longer have an account after the updates. That’s … not really enticing voting for you when my account vanishes, is it?

  23. I don’t know why everyone is so concerned about the future changes personally i think that if forge of empires is a game to travel through the ages then i’m sorry to disappoint you but modern age is one of those, and as for the combat system i’m sure there not going to turn it into a mass brawl, there’s a reason this is one of the best browser game and it’s because there not dump and they listen to there fans opinions.

  24. I love the game but wish the diamonds did not cost so much! I would add BANKING as a skill to be developed and then offer at the bank building the way to exchange gold, and other assets for diamonds. I would also allow other ways to get diamonds.

  25. I also wish that the expansion grids were more available. I also cannot seem to get any medals even though I won two battles with the pvp towers! How do you get thoses medals?

  26. I love the game but wish the diamonds didn’t cost so much and that there wer other ways to get them. I would add BANKING to the skills and at the bank building I would add ways to exchange assets like gold silver, diamonds, dyes, jewels, and the other supplies for each other. Trade what you have for what you need. The trade system now is too long and laborious and dependents on other players. I also wish that the expansion grids were more available. In addition I cannot seem to get any medals even though I won two battles within the pvp towers! How do you get thoses medals?

  27. Hi all! it could certainly use some polishing and additional features before actual release but overall,love the game! anyhow i was wondering if there was a way to change your username? when i made mine i was kind of under the impression that it would be for login purposes only and that a separate screen-name could be made :/

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