Welcoming 1,000,000 players in Forge of Empires

Today it was celebration time here at InnoGames, as Forge of Empires reached 1,000,000 players in only eight weeks! We would like to thank all of you for making this happen. This is the most successful start in InnoGames’ history and the huge number of players being keen on playing the game is very exciting for us. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoy working on it. But there’s another reason for celebration – Forge of Empires was recently nominated as best Browser Game at the European Games Awards! You can vote for your favorite game on the official site of the award until August, 13.

At the moment, thousands of new players enter the world of Forge of Empires to become mighty rulers every single day, and we are very confident, that the game will pick up even more pace. This is very exciting and we are already looking forward to reaching the next milestones together with all of you guys. In the meantime our main focus it to fix minor problems, improve the game and add features. Next week we will release a major update, containing a series of new features. From then on, you will not only be able to trade for free within your guilds, but you can also replace residential buildings with their more effective counterparts more easily. On top of that, we will introduce a new neighborhood merging system to the game, which dynamically puts players of the same rank and activity in close proximity. And we are also working on some other cool stuff that we will announce very soon. So stay tuned!

60 thoughts on “Welcoming 1,000,000 players in Forge of Empires

  1. Loving Forge Of Empires!!! But I got kicked out of the game this morning and upon trying to log back on, I keep getting “Sorry, your nickname is wrong” What’s up?

    1. i try’d to play this morning but i reached my play limit wat a bullshit game this is do not try this game you put in a lot of evort to play and then you get kicked out of if what if i got some diamonds for it it cost money and then you lost the game i reconment nobody to play it . to the makers of this game fxxxxck you

    2. I’ve been running into the same problem. If I log out completely and try to log in again at the main page, it says “Sorry, your nickname is wrong.” What I’ve been doing to resolve this is clicking on the link in my validation email. After it thanks me for validating, I can log in with no problem. You can try that until they get the issued fix. If you’ve deleted the validation email, you might try to see if you can have it resent to you.

      1. Hi Vince, pleaee make sure you used the correct market. I assume, you are playing on the English version en.forgeofempires.com?

  2. bs game this is put in a lot of evort and now its saying limit reached
    fxck you makers of this game

  3. I can not see the northern parts of Sturmhohen State so I can’t pass the mission. I don’t think it’s problem of my screen. Please unlock me!!!!!!!

    1. Hi lakisteges,

      thank you for your comment. We forwarded this problem to our developers. Please also report it in the bug report section of our forum at: http://forum.en.forgeofempires.com/forum.php
      Please keep in mind, that if you have problems, you can always contact our support by right clicking in-game and selecting support.

      1. It’s the screen resolution.

        Change it until you see the whole map. It happened to me too.

      2. Hello team,

        I’m having the same problem in the brazilian version br.forgeofempires.com, I already tried to change my resolution, but still cannot see the north of Sturmhohen.

        1. Hello fellas,

          I pluged my netbook in my tv, soul I could see the entire map. Problem solved, lets go to the next level.


  4. Tried out Forge of Empires yesterday, go to log in today and it says my password is wrong. Even though I KNOW my password is right, I reset it. It still says it is wrong. Tried it again, same thing. I’m done…

    1. Hi BillyBob,

      sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately we have some connection problems and our developers are working very hard on fixing them. Here are some suggestions, how your connection problems might be fixed:

      1. Please clear the cache of your browser!
      2. Please stay at the Forge of Empires tab while loading the game!
      3. Please close other tabs before logging in to Forge of Empires!

      Does it work? You also can find additional help in our forum at: http://forum.en.forgeofempires.com/forum.php

      1. Hi Innogames,

        I have the same issue as BillyBob. I cleared the cache memory of my browser, I closed all other tabs but still the game doesn’t recognise me. When I enter my e-mail adress for a new password the game sais that my e-mail account has no FOE account linked to it. I hope this is only temporary?

  5. no puedo pasar de la primera pantalla del tutorial!!1 me pide que investigue algo y se queda encallado SOS!!

    1. Hi Esther,

      sorry for the inconvenience. Please report a support ticket for this issue by right clicking in-game and selecting support.

    1. Hi Wascaman,

      sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately we have some connection problems and our developers are working very hard on fixing them. Here are some suggestions, how your connection problems might be fixed:

      1. Please clear the cache of your browser!
      2. Please stay at the Forge of Empires tab while loading the game!
      3. Please close other tabs before logging in to Forge of Empires!

      Does it work? You also can find additional help in our forum at: http://forum.es.forgeofempires.com/forum.php

  6. estou trocando estrada de cascalho pela estrada de paralepípedos e a felicidade ao invés de subir 5 (-10 +15) está diminuindo 10. parece ser erro do jogo.

  7. I lost my place in the Bronze Age to the Tower for more than 10,000 points and now I can start over again … Thank you

  8. This game is absolutely amazing! I’ve never seen an MMORTS done so well, espescially the battle system!

    Is there any kind of suggestion box around here? There are one or two things that could be done better (for understandable reasons), but other than those, this is the best online RTS I’ve ever seen.

  9. Too many (and critical) bugs. It will be a good game in the future, but still unplayable.

    Thanks for the hours I spend so funny.

  10. It’s a great game you guys, but WAY TOO premature with the “need to buy diamonds”. You have to allow for “time” or “experience” to accumulate diamonds too. AND THEN….once I’m completely engrossed in the game; you can start to make money.

    I admire and respect the need for all of us to make an income especially when its a result of doing what you LOVE DOING. Don’t be so hasty to acquire anymore than “neighbors” and “guild members”.

    Hope the feedback helps, Undar

    1. I agree with Darryl. This could be a great strategy game if the “diamond issue” didn’t exist. I realize the need to make some money from all of the work put in to it but the need to spend cash (essentially cheat) to get ahead reminds me of some certain SONY games that are on-line. Diamond acquisition should be through time & experience. It would be better to charge for the game upfront. Too many impatient players will merely buy a bunch of diamonds and become so strong that their neighbors will have a difficult time trying to overcome them. This leads to frustration and loss of players.

      1. I agree with Darryl and Diddlebop, its ok to sell diamonds, but they also need to be earnable through time, effort, experience, quest, achievements, milestones, or any number of ways. Your largest and most important player base in this game will not purchase anything. We all understand revenue is an important aspect of any endeavor,especially one of this magnitude. I think most of us wouldn’t mind paying a small monthly charge, a one time fee, or even purchasing diamonds occasionally. But for me to have to purchase multitudes of diamonds just to be able to stay up with the Jones to keep from getting my head caved in or my city conquered. You will lose me quick and many others as well. And the majority of us gamers feel that buying power is in essence CHEATING. Think I would try subscriptions, a one time fee, or a small monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual fee as a means of generating revenue to keep the game sustainable as well as profitable. But the need to purchase diamonds has already left a bad taste in my mouth, and to be honest already has me looking for another game to play. I just left another game that I really loved because the programmers themselves were cheaters, (copyright infringement). Most gamers are a pretty nobale and moral classs of people.

  11. salutt sunt radu si am o problema la conectare . mi-am uitat parola si cand incerc sa o schimb iti spune sa spun e mailul si cand spun e mailul spune ca emailul nu este inregistrat. ce sa fac

  12. ce sa fac? nu mai pot sa intru pe joc pentru ca mi-am uitat parola si cand vreau sa o schimb imi cere e’mailul si cand le dau mailul spune ca acest email nu este inregistrat

  13. this isnt affecting me greatly, but may affect others with less capable computers. I noticed that the game uses up an alarming amount of RAM – up to 1GB at times, a very large amount for an essentially simple game. I feel there is some optimisation to be done here

    1. Hi toby124,

      thank you for your comment. At the moment, our developers are working very hard to fix minor bugs, improve the game and implement new features. We forwarded your comment to them and they will have a look at it.

  14. He jugado un poco, pero existen dos problemas:
    No se guarda la partida?
    ¿No se inicia como usuario registrado?

  15. Hi guys! great gameplay bad scenario though. I have an idea that i think most of the players would agree. I think that the players should own provinces and through battles one player after winning the battle can conquer the other player s province(s). SIMPLY THE BEST BROWSER GAME IF YOU DO THAT! thank you.

  16. I’ve been trying to log in to Dunarsund for some time and it keeps saying “log on to this world is not currently possible. Please try later.” Is there some sort of a problem?

  17. i really like this game but having to buy diamonds so early in a game is putting me off a bit,i just stopped playing kingdoms of camelot because unless you spend loads of money on there new throne room you just get farmed out of existence . was a real shame as i had been playing it for over two years and really enjoyed the game

  18. great game just cant afford to play it , what a shame , should be renamed millionaires empire

  19. Hello Innogames,

    I am not sure if you have seen my previous post, so I’ll just post it here.
    I tried to log in today and I got the message that my username does not exist. When I tried to recover my password through my e-mail adress I got the message that there was no account linked to my e-mail adress. I emptied my cache memory, closed all tabs and still couldn’t log in. I can’t find anything on the forum about this. Can you help me? I’m sure I didn’t delete my account or anything….


  20. Hello! Play this game from the start and I can tell you that I love! I made account both worlds. Unfortunately, when trying to enter the smartphone or the tablet asks me what adobe flash player for android 11.2 there. It is a great inconvenience to depend only on computers or laptopuri.Iar costs are too big for most of us in Romania. However the game and you play games from InnoGames pleasure. Good luck and good luck further!! Self!

  21. Ola InnoGames,

    Hoje pela manha fui entra no jogo é apareçeu que o meu usuario nao existir mais sei que existe pois ontem eu entrei no jogo.Queria saber se voçes podem me ajudar.

  22. InnoGames Hello,

    Today the morning was Enters the Game and spawned my User no longer exists I know That there because yesterday I got to know each other in jogo.Queria you guys can help me.

  23. InnoGames
    Agora esta dando para longa mais não quer carrega para no 70% e a minha net que ta ruim ou e problema do jogo?

    1. Hi Lucas094,

      Unfortunately, we have some connection problems at the moment. Do you still have problems connecting to the game? Here are some suggestions that might help you:

      1. Please try logging in via a different browser!
      2. Please stay at the Forge of Empires tab while loading the game!
      3. Please close other tabs before logging in!

      Does it work? You also can find additional help in our forum at: http://forum.br.forgeofempires.com/forum.php

  24. Game has me convinced I dont know my username, have reset password many times, went to new computer and I absolutely cant log, only register or retrieve a new password. Needs to be addressed…

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