Forge of Empires Opens Doors to All in Open Beta

Finally! Today the English version of Forge of Empires went into open beta! There are no beta keys required for access any more, everyone can access the game. As we already said over the course of the last weeks: Thanks to everybody who participated in the exclusive preview and closed beta of the game, you’ve been a tremendous help. We really appreciate your support!

A little bit of info for you in advance: There will be no server restarts. All players will keep the cities they built so far. Same goes, of course, for your process in-game, your resources and diamonds. But please keep in mind to log-in to the right world. We started the new world “Brisgard” today, but the closed beta players should be situated on our first world “Arvahall”. So, nothing will change for you guys, except the fact that you will be having a much larger community of fellow Forge of Empires-players.

To everyone new to Forge of Empires: Welcome! We really hope you enjoy the game. Feel free to read the previous blog posts to find out everything you need to know about the strategic city-building awesomeness that is Forge of Empires (not to forget the single-player campaign, tactical battles, competitive and cooperative features, a.s.o.). If you need some in-depth advice, encounter a bug (we almost got rid of those pesky critters!) or just want to exchange experiences with other players, check our forum: (also accessible via the game).

We wish you a lot of fun playing Forge of Empires!

17 thoughts on “Forge of Empires Opens Doors to All in Open Beta

  1. I loved the game from the first minute on… i contributed almost immediately by purchasing some diamonds. but then yesterday it broke my heart when i found the game inaccessible from my android device! the page asks me to run adobe flash player 11.2, but i already have version 11 which in my understanding is the most recent update of the program. after being able to play from my android sgs2 for a whole week up until the update yesterday it really broke my heart… is there any solution to be expected to make me continue playing and contributing now that the beta is actually open? ;-) uhtred

  2. hey the game wont let me in it was working fine yesterday. But now it freezes at 70% thought I should let you know.

  3. 1. I get a blank page when trying to buy diamonds
    2. Cant log in to the form with my name/password
    3. Is there way to reportproblems outaide the forum?

  4. I got my brother to start playing now that the game is open beta. But i cant find him. I signed into the Arvahall server but i don’t know how to find him. And is there going to be a way to ally with friends?

    1. Hi Sheldon, at the moment all players are arranged in groups of 80 players. Those are the players you can actually see in your HUD. In the future we are planning new multiplayer features, like allying with friends.

  5. Hi,

    There is no other way to report problems more then our forums, but this helps as well.

    1. Try waiting for the window to load a bit longer, if it doesent work, please write back to which system you are using, like windows or Mac and in which country you are located.

    2. Where are you not able to login? Via the login button in the top corner?

  6. Why ón Earth haven’t you made this game based on html.?? Flash is not good enough for this game. You did it Grepolis so why not FoE??

  7. Tres bien, mais ça plante toutes les 2 ou 3 actions et en combat 1 fois sur 2 je suis deconnececté. Un jeu beta ok mais la faudrait simplement pouvoir y jouer.

    1. Hi Dayak,

      thank you for submitting your problems. We forwarded them to our developers.

  8. Quando poderei acessar o mundo arvahall pois tenho uma conta lá e investi muito tem nela?

    1. Hi Thiago,

      we have some connection problems at the moment and our developers are working very hard to fix them. Here are some suggestions, how your connection problems might be fixed:

      1. Please try logging in via a different browser!
      2. Please clear the cache of your browser!
      3. Please stay at the Forge of Empires tab while loading the game!
      4. Please close other tabs before logging in to Forge of Empires!

      Does it work? You also can find additional help in our forum at:

  9. trying to start a new world in dursungard. (sorry can’t remember itsd name) It keeps asking for a preview key, and I don’t know what that is.


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