Forge of Empires: Start Making Trouble In Your Neighborhood!

As our little band of testers might have already realized, we are constantly implementing new features and updates – at this point of development, things can still be tweaked if they don’t work as imagined, and if players (or colleagues) demand a certain feature, it can still be inserted into the game. Today I would like to give you an introduction into one of the more recent features, one that will receive a lot more options in the foreseeable future: interaction between players, namely cooperation and competition between them.

In Forge of Empires, players get separated into neighborhoods, consisting of eighty people. So, I and my 79 neighbors can see each other in the bar at the bottom of the screen. I can see their profile picture, and read their info texts. I can also choose from two very distinct options: Either to peacefully visit their city, or to ruthlessly attack them!

By choosing the way of the sword, players have to battle their neighbors’ defense (that’s why everybody should keep in mind to set up a defending army! If not, you’ll only be protected by two spearmen, everybody’s basic defense). Once the defenders have been defeated, one gets access to his neighbor’s city, and is allowed to perform an evil action, for example plundering resources. Especially evil is to plunder rare resources: If you have ever been in dire need of some copper, and then stole twenty or so from your neighbor, you know how good it feels to be bad :)

But some players get more satisfaction from simply visiting their fellow players and peacefully coexisting with them. While admiring their respective cities’ structure and placement of buildings, they can polish decorations or motivate workers for increased happiness or resource outcome. Those acts of kindness are also being rewarded with coins.

For the future, features like player trading as well as cooperative and competitive campaigns will offer you guys even further chances to make a choice – between peaceful coexistence or ruthless battles!

8 thoughts on “Forge of Empires: Start Making Trouble In Your Neighborhood!

    1. Forge of Empires is not about promoting new gohcnoleties the cheapest, fastest way possible. It is about mastering the existing ones. You guys are just light years ahead of the pack.With so many social games featuring cheap cheesy, comic-booky art, it’s great to see you guys trying to set a new high standard. That High Middle Age Church illustration just rocks.

  1. however, I do not understand how to plunder the resources, because when I go to another castle it’s written that i can plunder it but when I try to do anything, that does not go …

    1. Hi Sarunas,

      you can plunder other cities by attacking them and beating the defending forces. After being successful on the battlefield, you can plunder buildings that already have produced some resources.

  2. I just started playing on Android and can’t find how to set up a defending army. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the army management tab, what am I missing?

    1. Same here. I can not figure out how to set up my defense. I ve tried reading up on it and still nothing. Someone please help us.

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