Forge of Empires – The State of Play

After sharing some insights into the memoirs of a ruler lately, I want to give you guys more information on the current status of Forge of Empires today. As you probably know, some players already have the chance of playing the game in our Exclusive Preview. Those players provided us with a lot of important feedback. We are very grateful for this as it helps us a lot to improve the game – this step is very important for us in order to deliver the best gaming experience possible to you.

Very soon, more of you will enjoy playing the game, as big things are coming up. Currently, the Exclusive Preview is limited to 500 players. As soon as the Closed Beta starts, there will be several thousands. We will give away the keys for the Closed Beta amongst all of those players, who have pre-registered at the FOE-website, there will also be some lotteries on our Facebook-page and on several other gaming pages. The very good news for you is: The Closed Beta is very near!

But even though we already implemented a lot of additional features, we are still working on improving different aspects of the game, and want to finish some of those things before we will show it to all of you:

At the moment our team is working on implementing more features for the battle and military system. In this context, the current battle system will be completely rebuilt. We will also overhaul the battle interface, preparing it for a couple of exciting new features to come. Another thing we want to improve is the way you recruit and store military units. The new system will feature “slots” in each military building. Those slots will be occupied by one unit each. As there will be five slots per unit – each building can potentially hold up to five units. You see, our developers have tons of stuff to do at the moment. So, for all of you that haven’t gotten a key yet: Don’t worry, you will be getting your chance of playing our game soon – stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Forge of Empires – The State of Play

  1. I really love to play this game. Each update that i receive makes me more excited. And also love to hear the news that Closed Beta is coming near !!!:D

  2. I am really looking forward to play, from what I read so far it certainly looks like new gen web browser game. The battle system is for sure one of the key features, I am tired of leaving my armies go to the ” black hole battlefield”…

    You are really setting high expectations, after playing I will let you know how good you met them! :-)

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