My first experience with Forge of Empires

Since you guys still have to wait for the start of Forge of Empires, I will try to help you pass the time by telling some more about our experience playing the internal alpha here at InnoGames.

Being one of the first to play the game that your colleagues worked so hard on during the last few months is obviously a big deal, so we were all very excited when we finally received the mail with our access data. A lot of colleagues immediately started playing, and during lunch some already bragged about being the first to reach the next age with their village.

Forge of Empire - Early Middle Age
Forge of Empires (Internal Alpha) – Early Middle Age


So, when I finally had the time, I was very eager to catch up to them. But after a few minutes, I forgot everything about competition and was full into city building mode. The journey of my village begins in the Stone Age, and right from the start, I can build a number of structures with very different purposes. I took care of streets, residential and military buildings, but I forgot to also take care of their well-being by positioning special buildings that provide for happiness. At first, those are mostly plants or stone sculptures, but later in the game people need schools and taverns and theatres to remain satisfied with their ruler.

Forge of Empires (Internal Alpha) – Iron Age

Quickly I collect my first resources and the inhabitants of my small settling run around buzzily. Zooming in, I am really impressed by all the small movements and details of every single building. One immediately realizes that Forge of Empire was developed using Flash, which allows for great graphics and a lot of animation in the browser. After I finally finish admiring my beautiful yet very little evolved settling, I decide to find out how to proceed further in time…

40 thoughts on “My first experience with Forge of Empires

  1. Yeah looks really good. I think people will highly enjoy watching their little village grow into something amazing and evolve throughout the ages.

  2. AWESOME!!!
    Cannot wait anymore :/
    Isn’t this game a mix up of Tribalwars and Grepolis? :P
    Hope so :0

  3. Looks excellent, Nino and InnoGames. Another stellar release to come for sure! I am very glad to see a 2.5D Iso in the works, especially one with such original graphics compared to most other Iso games out there. I can’t wait to see what kind of community this game draws in… it appears to have elements of several of Inno’s previous titles and more.

    The only thing that bothers me is the- at least what I hope is- placeholder graphics for houses. It is very odd that the medieval houses look exactly like the Iron Age houses, and I feel that, as an ‘aesthetic’ player myself, such a thing is an eyesore. Other than that, this game looks beautiful.

    I think this game will do very well because it follows the wishes of anyone who has played games such as Civilization or Age of Empires- to advance through history and be a leader. I think InnoGames has done an excellent job forming games that inspire the characteristics behind Leadership, which says something about their work and the world we all live in.

    Great work, Inno! Thanks for sharing, Nino! :D

  4. I have pre-registered, but have not received acceptance or any instructions, yet. Does that mean I’m “not accepted” for some reason?

  5. I hope its released before christmass i need something like that during holidays got sick of all the other games! this one looks amazing!! :D hope i get a key though

  6. sooooo very excited to try this one!! Have played TW – both Reg and Beta for many years now… and can’t wait to see what my good friends at inno games have conjured up this time.


  7. Well The Game Looks Great , I have Played Tribalwars 4 years Long , so i will w8 for this game to start and try it :)

    Good Job For Giving Us The New Beautiful Game .

  8. I discovered this new game today and I have already registered myself. I must say that I can’t wait anymore until this game will be realesed, as I am a big fan of Grepolis.

  9. This game ll be a good experience for us who were child in late 90s and early 2000s. But what is pre-registration? It’sn’t looking like a beta registration…

  10. arrrgg. I like the game but it too demanding. And demands of what? Money, RL money. You need to buy diamonds, and that is what I don’t like about the game. Why can’t it be like The West game? Where you can enjoy playing without using any RL money, and if you want to be the best player or level up faster then you can buy gold nuggets. In Forge Of Empires, it forced you to buy diamonds. Why can’t we just enjoy playing? When you want to be the best player or you want your city to be the best in the game then you can buy for diamonds. :P But anyway I like the game.

    1. Hi Benikly,

      of course you can also play Forge of Empires without buying any diamonds. They mainly give you a time advantage, letting you progress a lit bit quicker through the ages.

  11. Like any game at InnoGames, by spending Diamonds you save time, while else you need to spend more time in the game.

  12. I like this game – it provides lots of fun, unfortunatly devs should take a closer look at their Mods (specially in the german comunity – don´t let them become too high horsed pls)

  13. We’re a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your site provided us with valuable info to work on. You’ve done an impressive job and our whole community will be thankful to you.

  14. “Play Forge of Empires for free…” …and spend two months logging in three times a day, an hour each time, using all your resources, just to build one small village; while across the way your neighbor, who spends $200/month on the game and logs in for five minutes once a day, has a nuclear powered metropolis.

    I’ve played too many such games to expect anything else, the outcome is always the same: in six months the paying players have done everything and quit from monotony, the non-paying players have quit in frustration after two months. (Anyone play BTO? They have 45 dead servers and five active ones.) I have proposed to all developers of such games that they would ultimately retain more players if they create separate servers for paying and non-paying players, this puts all on a level playing field and the game is much more fun.

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