Carnival Season is there!

It’s time to prepare your costume party for the festive period which will start soon! In Forge of Empires too we prepared something for this occasion. The Carnival Event is back yeah!

As usual, you will enjoy new stuff as a new game context and new buildings of course.
There will be 2 currencies: tickets and Florins. Every hour you will get 1 ticket to try on of the 3 games. Each of them has a probabilty to win Florins. If you loose (which will never happen with the first game) the pool of Florins will rise for that particular game. You will share the event with your neighbors (doesn’t that remind you something? yes ? The Soccer Event of course :) )

With your Florins you can try to win a random reward from the chest or spend them to buy the special reward.

If you are lucky enough to be the one who wins the most Florins in one shot in 3 days, you will also gain an unique Top Gamester reward: Zanni Mask Statue!

There are as mentionned new buildings this year. 4 new buildings, the Zanni Mask Statue mentionned above and:

Renaissance Mansion:

Gondola Dock Market:

Grand Bridge:


Awesome right?

We wish you all lots of fun and fortune with this year’s Carnival Event! Please leave your comments on this page, don’t forget to keep checking our Blog regularly for some more cool stuff, spread the word and like us everywhere you can and most of all: Keep on playing your favorite game!