Apples, apples, apples!

Have we mentioned apples yet? Yes? Good! In that case: Welcome to this year’s Fall Event! 

This year, just like last year, it’s time to harvest your crops and Greva Darn is the one who will be supervising it!

The apples you harvest by completing Greva’s quests can be used to open the baskets with rewards:


The rewards in these baskets change every day, but every 3rd day two items from both baskets will be chosen and displayed below them. If you win them once from the baskets, they will be unlocked and you can then buy them directly with apples as many times as you wish!

There is another way to earn apples, by the way: When you aid your friends, guildmates and neighbors, there’s a chance to plant an apple tree in the wilderness around their city. They can then collect apples from the trees you planted (up to 5 apples per tree) and spend them on rewards! Every time you successfully plant a tree, you will also receive an apple for yourself. Be warned though that these trees will die in 24 hours if you don’t harvest in time!

All the apples that you spend also count towards the Grand Prize, which is the Upgrade Item for your Cider Mill! And don’t worry: If you don’t have a Cider Mill yet, you can earn one in this event. With the Upgrade item you can even upgrade it 3 times to get the following awesome buildings:


Blooming Cider Mill                                                         Fruitful Cider Mill

Bountiful Cider Mill


Reasons enough to  join in this year’s Fall Event! Good luck with your harvest, may your crops be blooming, fruitful and bountiful and keep on playing your favorite game!