Summer Event – New Mechanics

Good news! Greva Darn will be back this year for our Summer Event – Inviting you to try your luck on her special Wheel of Fortune! Most of the event will seem familiar to you: Greva Darn, Quests, Tickets, Wheel of Fortune… Been there, done that? Stop! Because this year there will be some slight changes!

First of all, let’s take a good look at this year’s Wheel:

Pay special attention to the rarity of the prizes! This year, the very special buildings will only be on the Wheel once, the somewhat “uncommon” prizes will be on the Wheel twice and the common items will be on the Wheel 4 times (like you’re used to).

Remember that your neighborhood shares the wheel – when you refresh it, it’s refreshed for everyone. When you grab a prize, it is gone for everyone. We hope this adjustment will introduce more excitement to the event mechanic and also encourage more wheel refreshing!

Secondly: The special buildings that you can win, will be Set Buildings (like we had in the Spring Event, for example)! We have no less than 10!!! buildings that can be won and when you put them all together, you can make the following beautiful combination, consisting of the Indian Fountain and Indian Palace:

Isn’t that astonishingly beautiful? 

We hope you will have lots of fun with this year’s Summer Event! Thank you all for your support, enjoy the event and… Keep on playing your favorite game!


5 thoughts on “Summer Event – New Mechanics

  1. How about some extra expansions available for these events to accommodate buildings or at least some of it

    1. I agree with this completely. It’s great to have these composite prizes, but there just isn’t room for them all. If you are a long time player you already have a Japanese garden and a ballroom and a royal complex and a chessboard and a bazaar and a soccer field and an aviary — and maybe multiple copies! Plus great buildings, whew! I usually buy 600 diamonds a month and I still can’t keep up with the space requirements. I mean, one square costs ten bucks!!!! That’s super hard on my budget!

  2. Hi are there any plans to convert FoE to HTML5 like Grepolis? Flash will soon be deprecated on major browsers. This would probably help mobile too, like getting GVG and treasure hunt.

    1. Hi Dursland,

      Of course we are preparing for the future. When we can tell you a bit more about the specifics, we will do so on this Blog. Thanks for reading!

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