Turturret : the new unit of the Oceanic Future!

Hi guys!

Today we will look at the new unit of the Oceanic Future. This units of artillery type are very appreciated by all of you (like the rail gun isn’t it?) and rightly because they are powerful units that are very effective on the battlefield. And those Turturrets are incredible!

You will love to use them in combat. Their special ability: mortar, is a new ability that makes its appearance in the game. Turturret shots will also cause 50% damage to the units within a tile/tiles range around the target unit! Amazing right?

Tell us in comments what do you think about this new unit.

2 thoughts on “Turturret : the new unit of the Oceanic Future!

  1. This looks great! I’m curious, are there plans to rewrite FoE into HTML5 like Grepolis?

    Flash is so outdated and will soon be deprecated on major browsers. Converting to HTML5 would probably help the mobile app too, like getting gvg and treasure hunt.

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