10 thoughts on “A new construction site?

  1. Deep Sea Research Lab

    1st Stage: Construction site
    Effect: No effect

    2nd Stage: [Small]Deep Sea Research Bay (2nd stage of oceanic future)
    Function: More Promethium
    Function: You can build bathyscaphe to find additional promethium
    Additional features: New crew members

    3rd Stage: [Medium]Deep Sea Research Complex (can be Unlocked on next era research tree)
    Function: New no-tradeable resource
    Function: Deeper expeditions, more promethium, New crew mate (diver with appropriate to deep diving suit)

    4th Stage: [Large] Deep Sea Research Centre (can be Unlocked on next era 2nd stage research tree)
    Function: Now you can mix both non-tradeable resources to get new: [speculation] refined promethium
    Function: Refining Process [100%,75%,50%,25%]
    The last – the longest, the most value from refining – but only 25% of chance to get
    Function: New Crew member: Scientifist (give you more chance to proceed refining process successful)

  2. Gold, Silver, Nickel, copper, cobalt, manganese, vanadium, molybdenum and platinum are what we deep sea mine at present.

  3. Heavy water? Heavy water is the simply name for deuterium,
    a kind of water. With some future tech. you can make with this
    a lot of energy. It’s a extreme powerfull fuele for safer
    powerplants. When it turns wrong, the process stops automatic
    without a melt down. On paper simply, but in the real world
    a huge challance.
    See more here:
    Heavy water sinks down, because it’s more heavy than normal
    water. So it sinks down. How deeper you go, how more heavy
    water you can find.
    With this new hub we can dive in the deep sea and collect
    our heavy water. With our heavy water and the tech. to mine
    on the moon (xenomineralogy, a tech. of the future TT) we
    can feed our fussion powerplants.

  4. I think this really should take us to a second map underwater where we can start to build more just like above. It can start small like when we started the game, not too small though if the future buildings are big but basically we should get 2 levels for years in the game! And expansion areas would reset for down below when it comes to medals so we can actually get some this year.

  5. This has something to do with energy. Those cylinders on the surface look suspiciously like huge capacitors or accumulators. The underwater thing can be part of generator or just exchange port/gate for some apparatus that will move out to collect something to extract energy from. However, all this is under assumption that no significant other parts will be added to the building. Then the picture may change :)

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