The hydroelectric eel!

Hi everyone!

The Oceanic Future is coming, so this week we will give you a preview of some animations of new units, and we start with the hydroelectric eel:

Gorgeous isn’t it?

We are waiting for your comments below, and thanks to play Forge of Empires :)


6 thoughts on “The hydroelectric eel!

  1. I love the eel animation. I had a thought for a new world after the oceanic future, you guys take requests?

  2. Hello game developers. I lost Santa’s work shop when deleting another building standing next to it. There was no pop-up warning box standing are you sure you want to delete this building, I accidentally hit the Santa shop with my finger and it was gone. I would never sell this at this time, as it was my best building and I can’t acquire again, as it was a special building that I won in the last Christmas challenge. I would like to have it back. And you must make these warning pop-up boxes for all the buildings. When playing.g on a mobile device it is sometimes difficult to place your finger correct all the time, due to the glass screen there’s it looks like you have to touch the item you want with a slight angle.

    1. Hi Maja,

      You should contact the support of the game to explain your problem.
      I hope they will find a solution for you :)

  3. Whatever happened to your ‘Meet the Team’ feature? Not that I have any interest in knowing about the people who nerf our game.

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