The new version of the Future : Oceanic Future!

Are you also having an increasingly hard time bearing the cold  in the Arctic future?

Then it’s time to explore a new version of the future! This time the game takes you into the dark abyss of the ocean!

The ocean will experience an unusual seismic activity that will change the world as we know it. The human mind must be resourceful to tame its new environment. Your engineers, workers and scientists should exceed to find technologies and buildings adapted to this new world, because they may have years of experience in construction on land, but the ocean is full of other challenges!


For example, look at these totally new units in the oceanic future:


Want to see more? Okay, here is also a Great Building that you can build in this new era:

The new Oceanic-style buildings look incredible, don’t they? Tell us what you think of the oceanic future in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “The new version of the Future : Oceanic Future!

  1. Great building suggestion: Underwater Great Wall
    In reference to supposed plans that China has to make underwater defences.

    The bonuses would be a military boost.
    I also think the game needs another balanced attack boost now that the guild expedition has become such a well received part of the game and is quite difficult. This can be seen by the general preference of players to upgrade attack great buildings in all stage of the game.

    1. Hi Harry!

      There is actually no plan to expand the city to the watery areas for now, but your city will be underwater :)

  2. I kinda assumed no more attack GBs Danny but as they gave us the Orangery perhaps a defensive boost GB (for attacking units) is a possibility. After all most later age players are attacking with 150/90 or 180/100 A/D so are pretty unbalanced. A % chance of 150% defence might help for GE level 4! I’m sure the devs must have noticed practically all the completions of GE4 in the AF are via negotiation not combat as the former is vastly easier than the latter….we’re about to get another (chessboard) attack boost so the imbalance will grow further. No reason your underwater great wall couldn’t b the solution!

  3. 1.With good ratings and money gain, I’m pretty sure this game will last long enough to see the actual next era in real life. according to most futurists, the current era will end in 2020, three years from now. when it comes, you should develop the TE to look more realistic, maybe not change their stats( because it will affect later ages), but their looks and names.
    2.this age is a very good age with a theme way better than the AF and FE. you seem to have learned from your past mistakes. I give this age 15.2/16.

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