Hard, Harder, Hardest… Harderdest???

Dear Kings and Queens,

Today we introduce you a new and even harder difficulty level in our Guild Expeditions! We will be honest with you:┬áthis mode is insanely difficult – but it also brings insanely good prizes with it (including diamonds, new usable items like extra Guild Expedition attempts and Motivation Kits and new buildings!)

Most event (or otherwise rare) buildings have been replaced by new ones, designed specifically for Guild Expeditions and in some cases, even being an upgraded version of what we were used to get! Please let us tease you a bit with some nice visuals of these new buildings:

Became curious? You’ll find the Insane Mode in your game soon, or you can already check it out on our Beta version!

Have fun with our newest addition to the Guild Expeditions and keep on playing your favorite game!