A new event is available on Beta!

You know that the carnival season will begin soon. So Forge of Empires could not miss the opportunity to take part in the festivities, and introduce you its new event in the theme of one of the oldest and most famous Carnivals in the world: the Venice Carnival!

Before we talk about the event, let’s take a look back at the origins of this tradition.

Carnival is a period of entertainment during which the established order and distribution of roles are reversed. The king becomes a humble inhabitant, the beggar is crowned king of Carnival, everyone walks masked or grim, and hides behind his mask to do what is forbidden in normal times. Conventions and social rules are changed, shaken and forgotten during Carnival.

Carnival precedes Ash Wednesday and Lent. The carnival takes place in winter (in the northern hemisphere) but its date is mobile since it depends on the date of Easter. The Carnival begins on the day of the Epiphany or Day of the Kings, and ends the day before the Ash Wednesday. The highlight is the Pancake Day. Depending on the country or region, the Carnival runs during this period or is restricted over a given period of time.


Well now it’s time to take a look of the new event. You will have the opportunity to win roses that you will have to offer to one of the three persons hiding behind one of the beautiful masks. Each masked person has a probability greater or less to accept your rose. When you are lucky enough that your rose is accepted, you win the hearts accumulated by the masked person from the infructious attempts of the players in your neighborhood!

If you finish the quests you can win a new avatar and a beautiful building producing (in addition to happiness) either coins, supplies, goods or Forge points: The Masquerade Ball !











You can also win 3 others buildings:

  • Mask Statue : If you manage to become the top casanova of your neighborhood by winning the most hearts with a rose.
  • Venice canal: A decoration producing happiness (sure that it
    will look great in your city!)
  • Renaissance Villa: A residential building providing population, coins and happiness!


Enjoy our new event on Beta now, and please leave your thoughts in the comments below.