Meet the team: Olivier – Mobile Developer


Welcome to a new item on the FOE Blogs: Meet the Team! Here we will get to know the people behind our favorite game and we start this series of interviews with Olivier, one of our mobile developers!

Hi Olivier! First of all, can you tell us a bit about yourself? How long have you worked for InnoGames and have you done more projects or only Forge of Empires?
Hello, I’m Olivier. I started in September 2015, originally planned to work on Tribal Wars 2. Things have changed just before I arrived and I was proposed to join the Forge team as C++ mobile developer.

What does your typical work day for you look like?
In our teams, we work with tasks for 2 weeks at a time (sprints). We all work on small parts of the game. When a part is completed, it’s merged into our master version, then a new game version is released. I can do various things: Sometimes I work on events and sometimes I work on fixing bugs, for example.

How big is the mobile development team?
We are divided into 4 teams in total on Forge of Empires. In my team we have 3 developers who only focus on mobile. Although we are responsible for the mobile version, sometimes, like when we work on next events, we try to work in collaboration with the browser developers as much as possible. We communicate a lot with each other to see if there are any changes or issues but code-wise we have a separation between the browser developers and the mobile developers. It would be too complex to do both at the same time. The browser team has over 4 years of experience with their codes and it would take me too long to get familiar with that, while also working on mobile.

Who assigns your tasks to you?
Mostly when I finish a task, I look at the tasks list to see what I can do and which bugs currently have priority. Some bugs can be very easy to solve and some can take a lot of time. Generally, we ask the Product Manager what the priority should be.

What game feature you worked on, are you most proud of?
A very small thing I’ve done and invented all by myself (and that’s on browser too): When you need to unlock a technology and you miss e.g. wood, there’s now a small trade button. I made it with the help of a Front End Developer, who showed me how we could do that in the code and I made it and now I’m very proud of it! Every time I see that button, I think: “Yeah! That’s MY button!” Even though it’s very small, I’m tempted to click on it all the time, haha!

I’m also proud of the Friend Invite system on mobile because it was a lot of work, took a lot of meetings and finally it’s working now! About 30% of all friend invites are now on mobile, which is a lot and we’re the first game in our company that uses this system.

Do you work together with developers of other game companies as well?
No. There are a lot of games, all made in different code languages and a lot of things are very game specific as well. Even for games within our own company, it is like this. The way I create a feature for Forge of Empires, can be completely different than how you’d do it on another game. I can’t just copy the code to the code of the other game, it just won’t work. There’s even a big different between the IOS and Android versions of our own game. Code languages develop very quickly as well and we need to keep adapting to that.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us!
You’re welcome, my pleasure!

Well guys, that was our talk with Olivier, our Mobile Developer from France! If you want to say anything to Olivier, please leave a comment below!