It’s time to reveal… The next chapter!

Dear Kings and Queens,

During the last weeks, we have already given you some hints about the next chapter in our Tech Tree. What would come after the Arctic Future? Where would this story go? We won’t keep you in the dark much longer, for our next picture will show you one of the new buildings and… The name for our new Tech Tree extension!

The building we are presenting you today is:


The Seafood Restaurant!

And, as you can see on our concept art, the next era will be called the “Oceanic Future”! Please keep in mind that this is not a final in-game asset, but a concept art of one of our new buildings and we are of course waiting for part 4 of the Arctic Future first! The Oceanic Future will be available ingame in 2017. We hope you are just as excited about it as we are! Please leave your thoughts in the comments below, spread the word and above all: Keep on playing your favorite game!

18 thoughts on “It’s time to reveal… The next chapter!

  1. Very nice. Will Oceanic future be broken up/rolled out like Arctic Future was? It’s the wierdest tech tree as it is almost completely linear.

  2. Bonjour, je suis que en contemporain mais j’ai vraiment hâte de voir cette nouvelle ère !
    Bravo à toutes l’équipe de FOE :)

    Par contre, j’espère que ce ne sera pas la dernière ère même si j’imagine les nouveaux joueurs qui doivent se dire ”Oh mon dieu, ça va mettre des années pour être en futur arctique” mais bon, FOE est un jeu de patience =)

    1. Good news, it’s not the last game age.=)

      De bonnes nouvelles, ce n’est pas la dernière fois. Avez-il traduit en français en utilisant Google translate

  3. Doesn’t this building look like as if it is a slight downgrade from the more advanced buildings of the later ages (CE,FE,AF) in terms of architecture?
    Actually, I prefer this type of architecture more than the ones used for the more modern ages.

  4. Cool idea, but what about solving all the ingame issues first before implementing yet another era? The game is so different when played on the web compared to mobile versions it shouldn’t be called the same. When will GvG be introduced? The Treasure hunt? All other features that only work on the web version of the game and not mobile? Come on, you had years to fix this.

  5. Indeed, the modern steampunk style of Bioshock’s Rapture city. I like it.=) Seens
    like a old ship have been used to built this restaurant. The stuff around is at a simelar
    level of the another future ages. It’s great that the team did find a way to make more
    ages for the time around 2050 (ingame year) and step out of time travel since ages
    beyond the future. I hope that this age deosn’t take 1 year to built, as the Arctic future.
    This game is a true cliff hanger.

  6. The arctic and the ocean are interesting but our eyes are upward and outward. The Martian movie, the National Geographic series on colonization of Mars, the 20th of September announcement on the first SpaceX interplanetary ship, the announcement by Boeing that they mean to beat SpaceX to Mars, the realization that Mars has quadrillions in gold, silver, platinum and palladium, the desire to make gold the money standard once more which would send a metric ounce of gold to $100,000 or more (which makes a metric ton of gold worth over 3 billion dollars) means that’s the next frontier. Then, there are the larger moons like Europa and Titan that may actually be better sites for colonies.

  7. I concur with the comment above about having a space era. I assume that will be the case later on. But going from Arctic future to Oceanic future would be more logical if the buildings look as advanced as they do in the last eras. Or is the Oceanic era a kind of post-apocalyptic era? If so, then the buildings should be even more rugged, but that would also generate a logical problem about how the troops from that era would be stronger than the ones in Arctic era (although they are weak enough), troops from a post-apocalyptic world should be weaker and only have a fraction of the past and more advanced eras. Also how will you solve the story line? Arctic -> Oceanic -> Space? It would be more logical to have Space era after arctic future, and then different colonization eras, e.g. Oceanic planet, a moon, red desert planet (mars) etc. Either to colonize the planets one at a time and have different looking worlds, or maybe even to give the players the choice what planet to colonize and therefore having different kinds of troops that have advantages and disadvantages against each other (but close basic stats). The possibilities are endless! Anyways I really hope you have thought about the general storyline as well, and don’t just throw different, cool but scattered eras at us without any thought about the evolvement of the storyline.

  8. Excuse me English, I will have to use the google translator surely, anyway I hope you understand what I want to transmit, are ideas for the game can continue much longer, I will follow a few messages with this, apologize if there are many, It’s not spam, I just want to share the idea I have to keep it in mind or improve it and the game advances for a long time

    1. As an idea for the developers of the game, and for this wonderful game not to be stuck, I want to share with you an alternative to empower Forge of Empires.

      I was thinking, but if we continue to advance in time, at some point has to reach this limit, because what we know as Future, there is the Future and the Arctic Future, of course we can imagine a lot of things Futuristic, but until Not to reach that future time in real life, we can hardly imagine a future different from what we imagine, so we can go to the ocean because we have technology or because the planet is flooded due to the thaw, will be an alternative, have a city Or underwater thing, I do not know the ideas of the developers, with which we will be surprised, but after Oceanic, there may be a couple of ages, but if we do not want to be repetitive, or roll renaissance, re-investigate lost things ( That in fact there was a time that did not come to take, that was based near or on the time of the Renaissance, and indeed, can be boring and like to do it because Renaissance is for that, because we return, we do not stop to go back, It remains there, we investigate the lost and we were able to advance to what we are today in real life) therefore, in the game a Renaissance would investigate already investigated things? As age is a bit absurd and tedious.

      1. Therefore I have thought that for a future they can implement the following:

        Space Travel, effectively, go out to other planets, how would this be?
        At a certain point or we left by technology or by cataclysm, in the Arctic Future could have been like that, a frozen ball, condemns us to the extinction, (but they have corrected the ones of InnoGames with Oceanic, that for that reason I have extended back so much , It is an idea for Oceanic and its next investigations) also a desert planet, because we have finished with all its resources and it dies, (I say because I do not know that in the future the developers) and we would start to Colonize, I would propose to have a Second city, because the Planet Earth can still live people, “although they may be doomed …” and go for a new place to live, and this city is like when we started in the Bronze or Stone, a gap and pulling, But of course they will be modules and these things that the astronauts use, the City Council can be a dome, the typical ones that come out in the movies, I’m going to call them modules, because I do not know what they’re called or if it’s module, Stay, sorry Then it would be another very different touch for the game with these modules, it would be like making a base, the earth can be the color of that planet, if it is arid, because sandy, reddish like mars, because reddish due to the materials of Iron and If it is marshy, then the form of a swamp, jungle, then jungle, by which I mean that they can get a more intense or more striking green than the one in the present city.

        With all this is not to start from 0, we would have the resources that we from the city of always, we should not remove this, because then it would be as if I play in Arvahall and happened to Brisgard, it would be the same, start from 0, for that is Absurd, no no .. we have ships that send us the resources, we imagine them xd, but what we said, we would move fast and we would have another city, where when using expansions, we could discover rest of civilizations or things,

  9. although it is a natural structure, any thing, and this could be the new GE’s of that Planet, as we continue to advance, the next era could be as we have already Terraformado the planet, therefore could already be a city like now , Normal constructions, would have to put imagination for new buildings, since mankind continues haha, new GE’s etc, are no longer strange things that we find, it is to give a touch of the above, one or two structures that are GE ‘ S may be interesting from my point of view.

    To continue, and stay with the city that we know today and not lose everything, it could be that the colonists will help us, who are no longer, to set an example, to colonize Mars, since it is already colonized, because they come to help us the Marcianos lol, but we are all Humans, and that’s why they come to help, new technologies and things, we can stabilize the Planet, or else … and to put a touch of madness and that the game is not so repetitive, at least Save the “condemned” (you remember previously I put it, because we stabilize the planet or are doomed, so …) we take the city of the Planet, if yes, as you read, it is given, it costs so much and in 24 or 48 hours is in the new planet and we have a city again, this is not to lose the GE’s, also because it seems a little impossible what I said, but for power could be like that with the GE, The iconic monuments of the planet for some small thing we could move them, to know what technology there is (now in real life with a helicopters and good ropes, attach them, they are separated of the base, that is to say excavated so that they are separated of the earth and could Move, “also depends on whatever” the statue of freedom perhaps, the Coliseum not, but as with such a primary technology we could do that, to know what will be in the future) then by that time it has been a long time , And who knows could be.

  10. And if you do not like it, it simplifies all that you have just read, give us Building Warehouse or for GE’s and out, or insanity, or scientific explanation, nothing, it’s a game, get in there and ready, if not Has liked

    But we continue, all this already gives for many ages and many things, the game advances a lot, and to see …. Or it stagnates because we have reached the end, or if we do not want to finish it, we have already gone through almost everything, Human History, Future, Ocean, if you want for a desert planet, which in the Arctic Future has been Ice, Everything would end up happening, and what is the end? Or the continuation for the Humans in Real Life, because Space, therefore with everything said, we would already be in a new planet and would touch to continue there and look for others, that is why we could have new city, in other games of strategy and of the Style you have more than one city and I find it superb, it keeps the feel of starting like new and new things, but with the advantage that you have the big city and you advance better, it is more fun and is no longer so tedious. So Space Exploration, that we go to new places, what would it look like?

    Keep in mind that all this could double to the ages that we know nowadays, 14 or 15, man, if they do as in the Arctic Future there were 4 parts, it becomes shorter in the sense of ages, but all this, and as you see And things are happening to the developers, this is easily duplicated and with news, new and original content, everything I put is long, but it is as if you now write about the content that is right now in Forge of Empires, you It will extend a little, and if you summarize it you may drop it, but this is new and could duplicate what is now, I leave my idea so that the game can advance much more.

  11. Dear Trinerstahc, I’m a player to and want to give a bit feedback
    on your ideas. Forgive my Englisch, I’m also not super great in
    The ideas are intressting, but not very realistic. Inno did said the won’t
    go furter than around 2050, because the want to hold the game realistic.
    If the go more ahead in time it’s very hard to make propper designes that
    are realistic. At the moment that point is reached, but
    lucky the find a way to go ahead with the theme futures.
    The space race to Mars is a realistic part of the ideas, but the another
    planets are not so realistic. At the moment a space race is active to
    go to Mars. Between the NASA and Mars One. Mars one want to go to
    Mars befor 2050 and NASA doesn’t want to go too fast, but did said
    the want to send people to Mars around 2050. Just a bit what Len
    Robertson said.
    Indeed we have to look ahead about the storyline. At the moment
    AF 4 is running on Beta, the next chapter is already Oceanic Future,
    but maybe with the knowledge of this age we can start up the next
    Space Race to Mars (the first one was in PME, between the USA
    and the USSR). The space race to the Moon.
    Except for the extended ideas/suggestions for planet is a kind
    of end game at the complete end of the TT not a bad idea. A
    endless end game. Exploring the space can maybe use the
    special good Cosmic Data. Also it special goods can maybe
    become helpfull to a kind of endless endgame. The ideas for
    the planets can been used for a another kind of game, simelar
    with Elvenar – the fantasy FoE, maybe a Space FoE can
    become with your ideas/suggestions.:)

    1. Thanks FoE-fan, I did not know where they want to go, nor did I know how to make it realistic.

      I only give some ideas in case they can come in well, since the subject of sending the first men to Mars is for 2030, they want to try at least that date. For the first, then what I explained was how to get to another planet, or Mars, that as they see, and do as a colony there, and in turn, also be able to evolve there in every way, because if it is achieved in The real life, there will eventually be plants, water, you can breathe, and there will be a city, etc, what has been Terraforming a Planet, that the same is not achieved or that the same thing happens hundreds of years, a few centuries, I would say something less, because the technology advances, but in principle the idea is that, make it habitable, so if you go upstairs you will see a few ideas, and that is your choice or if it inspires you, I do not say that you have it Do so, or that is going to do so for those who read me, I just put ideas to help :)

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