The clouds have gone away!

The wind is getting stronger and the clouds have been blown away, revealing the complete paintings they were hiding before! This means we can share with you now some teaser paintings for our next era! Please do keep in mind that these are “just” mood paintings and not actual ingame buildings! wink

teaser03 teaser05

Does this give you an idea about the name of our next tech tree expansion? We still haven’t heard the right one yet! Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “The clouds have gone away!

  1. Realy? I’ll give it up. Just a last try:

    Steampunk future (like the cyberpunk & solarpunk style of tomorrow and future era)
    Mine future
    Offshore future
    Industrial future
    Mars/Martian future (wild try, lol)
    Underwater/submarine future (underwater realm, random try)
    Rapture city future (love that city xd)
    Clear weather future (clouds are gone)
    Well of life future

    It’s hard to understand if it isn’t something with water
    since the 2 buildings have a lot of water.

  2. I would be great if the name of the new expansion would be “Arctic Base”

    Since we´r running out of space in our main town, a new building area would be nice.

  3. New Aquatic era, people will desalinate seawater to provide drinking water … Fossil fuels will be replaced by hydraulic energies.

  4. I am not sure if others have noticed this, but both the buildings seem to have some numbers. One is numbered as 4 and the other as 42.

  5. Those are choseable addition to the Harbor. Each give your ship different additional bonuses and you can build only 1 of those 2. :)

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