Christmas time is in the air!

Ho Ho Ho!

Your favourite event is already available on Beta, so it’s time for a small retrospective!

The last years you could participate in our traditional Winter Event in Forge of Empires. This event brings a Winter Shop in which you can use Winter Stars to open presents! The quests were and are the main source of winter stars, but stars are also hidden in gifts. This year we will bring something new: the Town Hall will produce daily stars too!

special_show                                          special_double                                            shuffle_allstars_icon

confectionaryminilargeconfectionarymini legendaryconfectionaryminihugeconfectionarymini

Each day you will have to accomplish a quest for Frosty to win stars in a special Winter Event questline. At the end of that questline you will be able to receive a special building: the Confectionary.


As the Legendary Confectionary is the final level of the building, you will be able to upgrade it to max that level. You are probably wondering why this is the last level? The answer is simple: the reason is aesthetical. However It will be possible to win other confectionaries and have several in your city!





You will also be able to win other special items:

nutcracker winter_gate festive_tree reindeer_sleigh gingerbread_house snow_globe winter_market winter_pyramid

In this order:  a Nutcracker, a Winter Gate, a Festive Tree, a Reindeer Sleigh, a Gingerbread House, a Snow Globe,  a Winter Market and a Winter Pyramid, but there is much more!

This year, there are also 2 new brands Winter Buildings:

                            The Gift Tower                                                   Santa’s Workshop

The gift tower is a wonderful decoration and Santa’s Workshop will produce coins, supplies, medals or goods. There is more new stuff but we prefer to let that be a surprise!

So if you haven’t got an account on Beta yet: Create it, play and let us know what you think about the new Winter Event!

2 thoughts on “Christmas time is in the air!

  1. @”This year we will bring something new: the Town Hall will produce daily stars too!”

    .. you forgot to mention that this stars sources *replaces* the daily 10 free stars you used to get from shuffling the presents each new day – making it a disadvantage for all players who can’t (or simply don’t want to) restructure their real lifes to ‘fit’ this game and its forced cycles.

    Sorry, no kudos for this one.

    1. /edit: “this stars sources” should be a singular “this stars source”.

      (There’s no way to edit a posting, is there?)

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