New Feature: Guild Championships!

Dear expeditioners,

Soon a new cross-platform feature will make it’s way to your game: Guild Championships! This brand new addition will take Expeditions to another level, and – for the first time in Forge of Empires history – will allow for cross world competition! Compete against 3-6 other, similar-sized guilds and gain extra Guild Power bonuses! The winning guild gets +25%, the 2nd one gets +15% and the 3rd guild will be rewarded with +10%.


But beware! Only guilds with at least 3 members who already got to Iron Age, will be taken into the Championships and at least one member must have contributed to the previous Expedition of their current guild. If one of these requirements is not met, the guild can still take part in the Expedition, but will not participate in the Championships. bye2

Oh, and before we forget: The top 3 guilds will also get these awesome symbolic trophies in their Guild profile screen, to show off to the rest of the universe how amazing they are! So if you want more new members in your guild, this would certainly make your guild more attractive to new applicants wink


Well, that’s it for now! Thanks for being awesome, please leave your comments on this page, don’t forget to keep checking our Blog regularly for some more cool stuff, spread the word and like us everywhere you can and most of all: Keep on playing your favorite game!