Welcome to Forge of Empires!

Hello future Lords and Ladies and welcome to Forge of Empires,

Have you ever dreamt of being the Ruler of a vast realm? Reigning over a small stone age village and turning it into the greatest metropolis ever built? Seeing your city evolve and change over the course of centuries? Trade, research, create mighty armies and face your opponents on the battlefield? Forge of Empires will make your dreams come true!

We at InnoGames took all of the experience and knowledge we collected from our previous strategy games like Tribal Wars and Grepolis and tried to create the best strategic experience imaginable in the browser.

And a limited number of players will soon be able to tell if we were successful: Pre-register now and maybe you’re one of the lucky few to experience our “exclusive preview” of the game.

Forge of Empires – Time for a new Era!

25 thoughts on “Welcome to Forge of Empires!

  1. Hello, what’s different between this game and Tribal Wars?

    When you will open this game for tests?

    And make Polish forum :P

  2. Very interesting!
    I see all of screenshots and features so I think it will be one of the best online game InnoGames has published!
    Can’t wait till it opens!!!

  3. This game is well placed to be the best browser game ever.

    I just have some doubts about issues that the incompatibility of Flash can cause with some devices.

  4. Hey I located your website by mistake when i searched Google for this concern, I need to point out your website is very valuable I also love the theme, its beautiful!

  5. when is the closed beta being realeased? this game looks awesome and i can’t wait to start playing it :)

    1. I am really excited to….i am wondering the same…when will the closed beta keys be distributed? I am waiting to see if i get one…

  6. Okay, i have been playin the game for 2 or 3 days, now it is telling me my password or my id are not matching and i cant log on. Whats going on and can we get this fixed before tourney is over!

  7. I had been accepted for the beta but can no longer access my account. Is the beta test over?

  8. Today my password was invalid, and my email was not registered. But when I tried to registrate again, I got message that it was already in use


  9. Is it possible to recover my username? I only remember my password and just forgot my username :’)

    1. Hi Alwin,

      when you try to login, just klick on “Forgot your password?” and then enter the e-mail address you used to register and submit the form. You will get an e-mail with further instructions.

      1. i have the same problem, if i do this what you tell i only can get a newe password but my username isnt there

        thanks in advance

        1. Hi Jacky,

          at the moment, there is no feature in the game to recover your username. But we will work on fixing this a.s.a.p. Unfortunately at the moment, you can only register again and start the game with a new nickname.

  10. Pourquoi pas flash player 11.1 car je n ai pas acces a la version 11.2 sur ma talette

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