Forge of Empires’ Top 10 Buildings According to the Game Designer

Let’s face it, Forge of Empires appeals to people for a variety of reasons. Yet one of its biggest perks is the variety of buildings players can choose as they go through the ages. Although we know that people have their individual preferences and everyone might not agree, we wanted to know the Game Designer’s opinion. So we asked Peer Kröger two simple questions: What are your top 10 favorite FOE buildings? And why?

Here are the results; enjoy:

1 .Amusement Park (Modern Era)


I love the details, the action, the colors, everything. Even the way the animations work… our graphic artists reveal their remarkable talents here. Also, I am a big fan of hidden “Easter Eggs” and references, and there are quite a few in this building…

2. American Diner (Modern Era)


I’m a big fan of the Modern Era and the thing about references is true for the American Diner, too. Watch “Grease” if you want to know more… It is my favorite era in the game, hands down. And no other building represents this era and what we wanted to achieve better than the diner.


3. Scarecrow (Event)


Although the scarecrow might not be the most exciting building to look at, I certainly love the trick we pulled with it. There are three different graphical versions of the scarecrow. Every time you refresh your city, one of them is shown at random. So, the scarecrow and your city will constantly change the way they look.


4. Travelling Circus (Colonial Age)


The Colonial Age was the first time particle effects like smoke, fume and fire were featured in some buildings. It looks really great and changes the way your city shines – especially, if you happen to have the awesome travelling circus in your city. It even has an elephant.


5. Beach Bar (Event)


Do you need a break? Take a close look at our event building, the beach bar. Breathing the Caribbean feel, it immediately takes you on a small holiday. It includes a palm tree, a beautiful beach, yummy drinks, hula dancers … damn, I need a vacation.


6. Lighthouse of Alexandria (Great Building from Iron Age)


I put the lighthouse in here simply for the ingame value it provides. For my style of play the lighthouse was by far the best Great Building I ever built. It makes things so much easier. With the Lighthouse in your city it basically means neither goods nor supplies will pose a big problem for you again. Also, it is comparatively easy to get, easy to build and easy to level up.


7. Junkyard (Post Modern Era)


Did I mention I am a big fan of references? Well, this building features a very strong reference to one of my favorite topics. You might get it, at least if you are German. Look closely! There is a very popular audio play series in Germany, called “Die drei ???” (“The three investigators” in English, I believe), featuring three boys solving crimes. Their headquarters is located in an old trailer, hidden among a pile of trash in the middle of a junkyard.


8. Water Buildings, like the Floating Market (Contemporary Era)


I am very proud of the graphical “trick” we used to bring rivers into our game. The theme of the water buildings features a small waterside with boats from the CE which worked out extremely well. I am especially fond of the rich-in-detail floating market. It would have had a shot at the top of my list, if the water would have a nicer color… (David, do you read me?)


9. Computer Games Company (Contemporary Era)


If this wouldn’t have popped up in my list I would have done something wrong. After all, this building represents us – Innogames! I also love all the cool video game references in the production options.


10. Nuclear Shelter (Modern Era)


Fallout fan here. ‘Nuff said.

7 thoughts on “Forge of Empires’ Top 10 Buildings According to the Game Designer

  1. Il gioco è bello….costruttivo e strategico.Ma devo dire che purtroppo ci sono individui poco sportivi che chiedono in cambio di protezione dei punti ricerca per far progredire le loro grandi costruzioni.Questo rovina un pò lo spirito del gioco e mi dispiace . Queste persone poco corrette dovrebbero essere in wualche maniera redarguite…. Comunque complimenti

  2. Thank you Peer for keeping in touch with us fans. Love your videos, and love this game. The game designers, story writers, graphic artists, etc. did an incredible job making a very fun and challenging game. The camaraderie between my guild members and neighbors is refreshing after a very stressful day dealing with demanding bosses. I know more graphics and animations places a demand on the computer to work hard but I still wish I could see the detail better in all the buildings. We’re given so much to choose from we shouldn’t complain. Thank you m’lords and ladies for creating FoE.

  3. Great Building I would like to see:

    1. Time warp/travel Building—which establishes a quest in a non game world to be completed resulting in a choice of any one or more of the following: gold, supplies, special weapons enhancements, diamonds, choice of one free tech tree item completion, free two (2) expansions to home city from which you launch, troop/s and/or Military Building from your era or your future next era , two (2) renovation kits. Rewards and quests are at random or by chance. No quest or reward can be repeated. Only two quests per city in any given era. To make the above scenario easy just add something to the final leg of the Captain’s sail offering a spin of the rewards wheel. Just a thought to add spice to the game.

  4. So much to anticipate in the coming eras. And thanks for the hint about the Lighthouse. Is that a statue of Mercury on top ?

    The Amusement Park definitely is an eye-popper but it was the teeny hula dancers that has my hat off to its creators. Such economy suggesting so fluidly the dancers.

    OK, now we need a slideshow of buildings. We could spend hours marveling, you could repurpose your design files, and I’d no longer have to make own by cropping screen shots.

  5. Just wanted to address the issue that my wife “Porcini” and myself “Norbertus” on Noarsil and Houndsmoor are playing of the same computer or public ip address. We cannot contribute to one anothers gbs due to the error message saying “you cannot do that if the other player has the same ip address”. Well, I read that you can make the game “aware” of the situation and then it would be possible to contribute. I would appreciate it if this were possible and if you could make the change for us. We only play on our own accounts and do not share passwords, honestly. thanks.

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