Monthly Archives: July 2016

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots


As you might have already heard, in a short while you will unfold the story of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots by playing Forge of Empires. She is a remarkable person in the history of Great Britain for she became queen at only 6 days old when her father, King James V of Scotland, died. Although she became queen immediately, the coronation only took place after 9 months. Let’s dive a little deeper into her life! Continue reading Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots

It’s Summer in your City!


And that means that Greva Darn (who was originally named “Lucky Greva” – did you know that?) has found an opportunity to make money again! Always looking for ways to make money, this year she will open her Summer Casino for the fourth time and she is eagerly waiting to trade her beautiful prizes for your tickets! You can obtain these precious tickets by fulfilling her tasks (and occasionally those of other advisers) and for the first time ever, this year you will also be able to find some tickets now and then around your town! The casino will be opened at August 3rd and will remain open until August 27th. Continue reading It’s Summer in your City!

Community Managers meet Game Team!

First of all, let us give you the short background information that almost all of your beloved Community Managers work from home, in their local countries, on their own computers from their own little homes. This has one big advantage: It means that in general things are all nice and quiet at Inno HQ in Hamburg. There’s a peaceful atmosphere, people are silently working next to each other and when you listen closely, you can even hear the wind rattling through the leafs on the trees… But once a year all peace is disturbed and the office is turned upside down because… Community Management is coming to town! Continue reading Community Managers meet Game Team!