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A journey through time – New Cinematic Trailer for Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires is everywhere – in the browser, soon on mobile phones and tablets and now again on television. Our new 3D trailer accompanies a king from his beginnings as a hunter to a powerful general. The video is highlighted with an epic soundtrack and great animations to make you want to play the game.

But enough words check out the trailer and don’t forget to give us feedback:

We’re really looking forward to that

The epic battle begins – Guild Wars are coming soon!

Forge of Empires

Warfare, lots of players and an ever-changing balance of power – you will find all that and much more in our brand new guild vs. guild feature which is being worked on right now. A first teaser of the upcoming feature is now online and playable on our beta server. There you can see firsthand what will be playable on all servers soon.

ProvincesEntering the guild vs. guild mode is very simple: After a click on the guild button, you will see a special continent map. This map is divided into several provinces. In this overview you can get information about sectors, see the results of recent events and battles, place defenses – form then on you will are able to lay siege to a sector and launch attacks on them, along with your guild members. If your guild is ready to attack, you can deploy a siege army in the army management screen.

army managementAfter you have gained control of a sector, the army you used as a siege army now becomes the sector’s first defending army.After a while you and your guild will be able to gain control of more and more provinces to raise your guild level! You need more information?  Check out the user guide.

The epic battle for provinces has already begun on the beta server, and I’m really looking forward to fight you all!

Forge of Empires – A vision of the future

Have you managed to trick the frightful pumpkinhead Jack O’Lantern and finished the Halloween quest line? I have to admit, that I really had to mull over some quests but finally reached the end and I’m now very happy with the new scarecrow in my city!

But enough talk about Halloween, it’s time to look forward and to show you the upcoming features:

Winter Event

It won’t be long now, until the new winter event starts. Throughout December, you will receive daily special quests and prizes to be won, including new unique buildings that fit the seasonal spirit. In addition to that, we will introduce a new currency during the event: Stars!

Snow Globe

Next to the chase of stars, you’ll be given the chance to obtain special buildings from some previous events. So even if you have missed some of our older events, you now have the chance to get the rewards!

The Modern

But you’re for sure asking what happens next to our eras .I’m proud to say that we’re close to finish our newest era, The Modern. We will lead you to the times of Rock`n Roll with unforgettable names like Elvis Presley, Bill Haley, Chuck Berry and others. And of course you can look forward to tons of new buildings, quests and graphics.

So remove the dust from the old Elvis discs, style your hair, the Rock ‘n roll is back!