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Forge of Empires version 1.10: Bringing the Battle to the Mountains

Forge of Empires

Cars parade down the street, zeppelins fly high in the sky, and new tank warfare spreads fear and terror like nothing before it. Those of you Forge of Empires players who have already reached the Progressive Era have likely experienced all these turn of the century novelties, but also the problems that come with them. In particular, the new width of car-ready streets has me completely rearranging my city!

The new territory

Those of you who haven’t progressed to the turn of the 20th century quite yet, however, can look forward to update 1.10. This update focuses on the Early Middle Ages, and features an entirely new map, battles with special units, and numerous untrodden quests. The quest line sends you to fight against the fearsome barbarian Bogdan the Beast and the skillful General Celeas in the far off mountains. Only those who are most confident in their tactical skills should  venture to the peaks, because serious military loses could be the result if not. High effort equals high reward here though – the players who do conquer the 20 new quests and four provinces under the control of the enemy will be handsomely rewarded.

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Besides all this great new bonus content, update 1.10 includes many other improvements, like several quests that have been revised to be more accessible and better balanced. To learn about the other upgrades, check out the Forge of Empires forum.