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Pour out the cocktails: Forge of Empires summer event is in full swing!

Forge of EmpiresThe sun is shining, the sea is lapping ashore and there’s  an unwavering demand for cold drinks. The summer is still here and  in our strategy game Forge of Empires, we’d like to celebrate that happy thought. Greva Darn, the enterprising Hawaiian shirt wearer, has once again built up her famous Summer Casino in your neighborhood and is awaiting playful guests. Those who want to try their hand first need special tickets that can only be received when doing Greva  some small favor in the form of quests… but it is absolutely worth the effort. With a little luck, you can win great prizes from the wheel of fortune, such as blueprints, bonus items, or exclusive beach buildings (and palm trees!). These limited-time new buildings not only bring summery flair to your town, but also provide very useful bonuses. Those who want to benefit most from the Summer Casino can ask neighbors for help. For the neighborhood which collectively manages to turn the wheel of fortune a total of 77 times, a very special award awaits!


That’s right… this means you share the same fortune with your neighbors. The problem is that Greva always offers her profits only once. If you are particularly interested in an item, you should collect your tickets and go to the casino as fast as possible. Who knows, maybe one of your neighbors is interested in exactly the same valuable item …

Beach Bar

Greva Darn will be hanging around town until September 4th, and after that we say goodbye to summer and the bright lights of the casino. Until then, I wish you much success on the wheel of fortune and a great rest of the summer!