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Whoever said progress was a slow process – Welcome to the Progressive Era

Forge of EmpiresTwo weeks ago I already announced a new era for our strategy hit Forge of Empires, now you can finally play it yourself on all major markets! Whether it is airships, cars or other modern technologies, the turn of the century not only offers a lot to explore, but also a completely new campaign.
In order to give you an overview of the new age, I made some screenshots.
Let’s start with an excerpt from my town. As you can see, there is already an airship hovering over my city. Major industrial plants are connected by modern two-way streets and centrally located parks offer a welcome place for serene recovery.

City Screen
In the second screenshot you can see our new battleground, complete with barbed wire, trenches and modern units. What strikes you immediately on the battlefield is that completely new strategies are needed in order to win. How can you stop enemy tanks, how much protection is provided by your own trenches or how accurate is the enemy sniper? A lot of work for ambitious generals!

Battle Map

In the next three pictures you can some more of the brand new buildings available in the Progressive Era. Firstly, the modern town hall with glass dome and parking, which will continue to be the heart of your metropolis.

Electricity Plant

The second picture shows the new electricity plant, that supports your town with much needed power. In the future, you will not only need electricity for basic illumination, but also for shops’ neon signs and modern factories.

City Park

In the third picture you can see the previously mentioned park, with pond and paddle boat for your residents to provide recovery from the routine of everyday life.
Do you also want to check on your city and start the new campaign. Simply login, a new era awaits you!

Time for some changes: Forge of Empires announces Progressive Era

Forge of Empires

The wheel of time never stands still and in our strategy game Forge of Empires, Progress is not a slow process either. Not too long ago, the chimneys started smoking in the Industrial Age, now the strategy game is at the brink of entering the Progressive Era, Forge’s next age. The Update will be on the international servers next week, july 24th, the other versions follow a week later. I already looked our development team over the shoulder and what I saw and heard there, definitely makes me want to play it! Once again, there will be a completely new world map with countless quests, provinces and fun surprises. During the Industrial Age, the first factories started their work, but now the famous assembly line is being introduced.

Droves of workers will stream to the factories and work in mass production. Growing cities need new means of transport, such as automobiles or even zeppelins – so you’ll have to build tarmac roads. One thing I can promise you that the look of your city will change radically! Militarily the turn of the century adds several strategical elements to the battlefields. New weapons systems, such as the fearsome tanks or snipers, demand completely new tactics of you. So you already see, a whole lot of great new features await! So stay tuned, the progressive era will soon be hitting the game!