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The success story continues: Forge of Empires reached ten million players

200 countries, 25 languages and over 10 million players – Our strategy game Forge of Empires inspires people around the globe. From Antarctica to Nigeria, and all the way to the tropical island of Madagascar: battles are fought, provinces conquered and cities forged.

We are thrilled about this! After we welcomed five million players after only six months, the success story of Forge of Empires still continues. Thanks a lot! We do appreciate your loyalty and enthusiasm and continue to work on developing and improving the game. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you everything, but there are so many cool features in development too, so stay tuned!

To celebrate the ten millionth player, I ventured into the depths of our players statistics and found some really interesting information about the community of Forge of Empires. The biggest surprise here was the popularity of the various language versions. I was convinced that most of Forge of Empires gamers prefer the English version, but far from it. Ranked one of the most popular servers, with 1.2 million registered players: Brazilian! English was only in second place with 1.1 million, followed by the French in third place with just over one million registrations. The five largest countries don’t seem to only be into Carnival or football, but also the expansion and development of a virtual empire seems to be a motivating hobby for many.

But that was not the only surprise for me. As already described, we have players from many different parts of the world and across all continents. I find it absolutely fascinating to know that I might just attacked by a player over twelve thousand miles away from me sitting in front of a PC at the same moment in Micronesia. Micronesia? You heard right – there is exactly one Forge of Empires player who has registered from the small island territory in the Pacific Ocean! Just incredible…

So, wherever you are and no matter which language version you play: Enjoy the game and develop your city more diligent, as the next attack will come!

Now it gets really tough – bonus content for Forge of Empires released!

Your city is thriving, you can bathe in your gold and your armies make short work of any enemy you encounter? Then we have a real challenge for you!
After a completely new campaign and world map were presented with the industrial age, there are now a number of generals who conquered all the provinces and completed all the quests. Just for those player, we opened up two brand new bonus areas with the last update.

 These lands, located north and south of the known world map, are extremely difficult to conquer and even the most experienced generals will give it their all to prevail. The enemy troops are led by the French General Barthelemy Philipeaux in the north and in the south by powerful bandit El Hacha Gonzales. But not only those clever strategists will make you suffer, but also a very special new unit type, whose morale and power is rising with each lost ally. After you almost destroyed an entire army, facing heavy losses, these units are starting to really gear up and make your battered troops’ life a living hell.

I now fear for my experienced, but also very expensive units, but the fight will be worth it in any case. Apart from very rare and valuable resource, more unique rewards wait for victorious generals! In any case I already brought my army into battle position and am just waiting for the right time to attack! And what about you? Do you accept the challenge or do you have too much fear of the impending losses?