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Forge of Empires wins German Computer Game Awards

When we found out that our strategic browser game Forge of Empires won the German Computer Games Award (Deutscher Computerspielepreis) in the category “Best Browsergame”, a loud cheer went through our hamburg office! Especially our Forge of Empires development team is pretty proud of their efforts – but they won’t rest on their laurels. With the Great Buildings, the Easter Event and of course, the new Industrial Age, we already offered a whole bunch of new content, and that’s how we’d like to continue in the future: The team’s already working on new ages, bug fixes and features, all of which will make Forge of Empires an even better game in the future.

We look forward to your reaction on upcoming updates, and, as always, appreciate feeback very much!

Many improvements and new functions: Forge of Empires version 0.31 released!

After I just showed you the winners of our community event in my last blog post, today I can give you more details on the newest update for our favorite game. Version 0.31 improves some parts of the game, releases new functions and changes others.

The players are now able to log in via their facebook or google account. Really convenient, especially if you are already logged in to facebook and do not have to reenter your username and password again. Like in all social networks, you can show to all your friends that you are right now busy with ruling your kingdom or that you just finished a building. Maybe some of your friends are also playing Forge of Empires and you just did not know about that until now. Also new in this version: The guild button is now glowing, when there are new postings in your guild´s forum. With this you can see at first glance if there are news which you don´t want to miss out. We already planned changes in the building points for version 0.30, now we implemented them to the game. The main part of the adjusted building points is to your advantage, only some decorations have lower points now, so don´t worry. The other changes regard the tutorial, which has been adapted, the continent map, which is loading much faster now and some of the sounds in the industrial age, which have been adapted as well.

As you see, the update brings some improvements, which you can really look forward to.

You’ve decided! Château Frontenac and Alcatraz will be the next Great Buildings in Forge of Empires

What a run onto our Forge of Empires Forum and the Facebook-page. Recently we asked you to send us suggestions for Great Buildings in the next Age of Forge of Empires. Thousands of names and pictures were sent to us, and we were really amazed by your dedication. After looking through your ideas, our team had the difficult task of choosing six buildings out of the mass of great suggestions. After all, we wanted you to be the ones that decide on which buildings will make it into the game in the end. Hours of discussions followed, but in the end we decided to put those buildings up for the vote:

Royal Holloway, University of London
Château Frontenac, Québec
Teatro Amazonas, Manaus
Alcatraz, San Francisco
Palmenhaus, Wien-Schönbrunn
Monumento Vittorio Emanuele II, Rom

In our Facebook-gallery you were able to give us your vote for the final decision. And we did not expect what happened then: in a short amount of time, almost 10.000 votes had been cast, and every single building was subject to heated arguments.  Thanks a lot to everyone who participated. It’s always great to have a community that’s so passionate about our game and it’s future development. And now I have the honor of presenting the victorious buildings:

with roughly 2400 votes, our winner is the marvellous Château Frontenac from Quebec!

Runner-up with 1.800 votes is the world-famous Alcatraz from San Francisco!

Thanks again to everyone who participated, we appreciate your interest in and passion for Forge of Empires and to the Wiki-Users Bernard Gagnon and David Corby for making the pictures available under the Creative Commons License!