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The chimneys start smoking, railways are clattering – The Industrial Age dawns in Forge of Empires

It has been rumored for a while, but now it’s official: The next era will lead us to the Industrial Age! For the first time we can take a look at some buildings – and they look really impressive:

You can already recognize that the production buildings have become significantly more modern. They show first attempts of mass-production what I think is really cool. The museum is an example of the upcoming science of the era and the hunger for knowledge. It will be interesting to see which new technologies were researchable in the Industrial Age. Until now, only ballistics, precision tools, and modern chemistry were officially announced, but I think there is a lot more to come!

One of the main features of the Industrial Age is the completely new campaign. It is set in The New World and includes more than 70 new quests. And the best part is, not only are the quests new, but even the campaign map is untouched. This will be very interesting for players, who have already discovered all provinces of our old map. So be prepared and train your army! Speaking of army – with the upcoming Industrial Age, the weapons technology developed. I’m really excited what weapons are usable in the new era.

Unfortunately the most important question remains: When will the Industrial Age be released? There is no final answer, but I think it won’t take much longer….

Forge of Empires on Linux: How it works!

Forge of Empires on Linux: How it’s works!

In the last several days, I received a lot of mails regarding Forge of Empires and Linux. At the moment, it’s not possible to play Forge of Empires on Firefox, Opera or any other browser except Google Chrome. This is caused by the Flash player 11.3 which is not supported for Linux. First of all we have to say “sorry” to you! Unfortunately, we have no influence on Adobes software support. But we know about the problem and we are working on it!

For the moment, the only way to play Forge of Empires on Linux is to use the Google Chrome Browser! This browser contains the Flash player 11.3 and therefore it’s ready to play Forge of Empires.

I hope this instruction helps you to play Forge of Empires on Linux!

A better overview and lots of bug fixes: Forge of Empires 0.25 released!

Maybe you’ve seen it: Recently a lot of things happened to our favorite game: We released the Great Building, Da Vinci visited our cities and we implemented a trading system for blueprints.

But whoever thinks that our developers will take a break from Forge now is dead wrong: Today we released version 0.25 which includes several cool features: Aside from a lot of small improvements, especially PvP-fans can really looking forward to this update:

From now on, you will have an overview of your PvP tournaments in the event history screen. In the same screen, you also see your current rank in the different tournaments. So now you are able to react if you want to improve your rank and you won’t lose the overview about your tournaments.

Another practical feature especially for me: A confirmation window will now appear when you want to sell your buildings and the sale must be reconfirmed before the building is deleted. So the chance to sell a Great Building accidentally is really low now…

New Forge of Empires world populated successfully – we present the winners of the Houndsmoor Jump Start Competition!

Already last week, we opened the eighth kingdom “Houndsmoor” in Forge of Empires. Of course I have already led my people from Stone Age to Colonial Age, but I was really looking forward to starting again from scratch. In order to increase the incentive to begin a new game for you too, we decided to start the Houndsmoor Jump Start Competition! The goal was to reach 4000 Points and the Early Middle Ages as fast as possible. Besides fame and glory, the champion was bestowed with 600 Diamonds!

Much faster than we dare imagined and way too fast for me, you made it!

Congratulation to “Idense” who was the first in the group of premium players! Without using Diamonds, “Turbovcielka“ fulfilled our victory conditions!

Greatly impressed and kind of envious I will focus on my own empire now. My people want to leave the Bronze Age someday…

Forge of Empires and Grepolis are nominated at the 2013 MMO Awards!

Last week, we received some great news from Game Genetics: Our games Forge of Empires and Grepolis were nominated at the MMO Awards 2013. You can vote for them in the categories “Best Strategy Browser MMO” and “Best Classic Browser MMO”. The voting phase ends on February 15.

The prize for Best MMO is already being awarded for the eighth time and its one of the biggest prizes you can get in our business. In the recent years, InnoGames was already rewarded for different games – for example, Grepolis won the jury prize for “Best Classic Browser MMO” 2012.

With your help, maybe we are able to win again!

Attention rulers: The famous Leonardo da Vinci will be visiting your city!

Clean the streets, water the flowers and put on your best clothes – one of the most famous people in world history is doing us the honor of visiting our cities! None less than universal genius Leonardo da Vinci will come to your city, and he has something with him: for all of you who are still searching for blueprints, da Vinci has a surprise in store! He is willing to give you blueprints for buildings which are you current era or lower in exchange for some medals.

Therefore, your chances to build some of the Great Buildings will improve even more! But act fast… Da Vinci is on the move and he will only stay in your city until February 10th.

Until then, you should win some tournaments, earn medals and say hello to da Vinci for me!

Attention Forge of Empires fans: How to use duplicate blueprints sensibly

Hey commanders,

In my last post, I told you how happy I was to see the first Great Buildings in my neighborhood. A lot has changed since then: After motivating and supporting my neighbors, I started to collect blueprints for my own Great Building. So far so good, but after some time, I had collected some identical blueprints, not knowing what to do with them. With the new update, our developers included a function for that: From now on, you have the possibility to exchange your needless blueprints. You just need two sets of double blueprints of the same building, or one certain type of blueprint three times. If these requirements are met, you can trade two blueprints for one new random blueprint. Therefore, with this function your superfluous blueprints become valuable.

Here is an illustrated instruction:

First step:

Open your Great Building construction menu. As you can see here, I got blueprint part two and eight for my statue twice.


Second step:

If you click on both of the blueprint parts you can mark them – (visible on the green frame). After that, the “trade”- button shows green and is clickable. When you now click on it, the last thing to do is to accept the request from your consultant.


Third step:

Voilâ: As you can see, I lost two of my useless blueprints and got a complete new one.


You see, it is worth collecting blueprints, even if you find one of the same kind twice or more often.

Until then, good luck finding new blueprints.

Beautiful, Hardworking and Menacing – the Characters of Forge of Empires

Hey folks,

Are you also hard at work, trying to find  more blueprints for your Great buildings? If you have some spare time in between, check out your town a bit more closely. I think, it’s fascinating how some of my residents stroll through the streets of the colonial age, while others pursue their work diligently. Whether it is the watchmaker who repairs a clock in front of his workshop, the circus team rehearsing the latest tricks outside their tent, or the hairdresser, sweeping the hair out of his salon – your town never stands still.

Therefore, I would like to introduce you to some of your residents a little more closely, ladies first:

Without them, the city would not survive –  Your workers are unobtrusive but unresting individuals:

And here are the protectors of your realm, some soldiers, ready for battle!

I hope you enjoyed our brand new graphics a little

See you on the battlefield soon!

The construction noise is becoming quieter – First Great Buildings completed

Hey Commanders,

Four weeks ago we released the Great Buildings in Forge of Empires. When I visit my neighborhood now, I admire many of those huge constructions. And the great thing is that there doesn’t seem to be an overall. So far it appears that all of my neighbors have different preferences. Whether Notre Dame or the Colosseum, my neighbors seem to like all of the Great Buildings. I think that’s wonderful – the cities look more individual and impressive now.

The Great Buildings do not only beautify my neighborhood – I also gain benefits from them: One of my neighbors just built the Tower of Babel. I spent some Forge Points in the last days, so his Tower is now on Level three. That’s good for him and for me, because he gains more bonuses and I received a lot of medals and new blueprints. You see, it’s always an advantage to have good-neighborly relations.

So I would like to know: Which is your favorite Great Building is. Do you put more focus on the beauty of your city, or are the stats of the Great Buildings more important for you? Please write your opinion in the comments!

See you on the battlefield and good luck finding blueprints!

L.A. Times? The New York Times? Forge Times!

Hey Lords and Ladies,

Today I would like to introduce you to a fan project from the German Forge of Empires community: Three months ago, a couple of fans banded together to create the first fan magazine for our favourite game: The Forge Times. Since then, four editions already appeared. The magazine includes information about new updates, interviews and competitions with great prizes.

We’re very glad to have such dedicated fans, and of course try to support them with partners for interviews, graphics and stuff for competitions and lotteries. The Forge Times are only available in German so far – if you’re interested in doing something similar in other languages, we’d appreciate and support your efforts as well – You can see the newest edition here and check how it’s done:

Here is an interview with Daniel, the chief editor of The Forge Times:

Please introduce yourself

Hey, my name is Daniel (Joker 1544), I’m 17 years old and I’m living in NRW, near to Oberhausen. At the moment I’m training to be a laboratory assistant. My hobbies are swimming, meeting friends and videogames.


How did you get in touch with Forge of Empires?

I found a bonus code for Forge of Empires in the german game magazine „Computer Bild Spiele“. I really liked it right from the beginning, so I’m still playing.


Since when are you playing?

I’m playing since the Open Beta.


How often are you playing Forge of Empires?

As soon as my pc is on, I start to play Forge of Empires. Most of the time it runs in the background, so I can regularly collect supplies and gold. I also have my own guild; therefore I look for new players and help out my mates.

Also my neighbors get regular visits from my troops….


What do you like most about the game?

I like the way how InnoGames managed to connect city-building and strategy parts of the game. In contrast to Grepolis or Tribal Wars, you don’t have to fight other players to proceed and reach new ages. Forge of Empires is more about cooperation, which you can see for example in the new feature, the Great Buildings.


What are your wishes for the future of Forge of Empires?

More variety. Only PvP and collecting resources is quiet boring after a while. I’m looking forward to the new guild wars and all the other cool features that will hopefully release soon.


How did you come up with the idea to produce a Forge of Empires fan magazine?

That was a spontaneous idea. I realized that Forge of Empires had no own fan magazine, so I asked several CoMas for support. Their reaction was very positive and so I started to work.


From where do you get the ideas for the articles?

We have several categories in every edition for example Updates or Interviews. At the beginning of a month I write a plan for new articles to my editors. But some of our articles we write spontaneously or we got questions from our readers that we’d like to answer.


What are your plans with your magazine?

Our goal is to reach more readers and to become an important information source for all Forge of Empires fans.


Tell everything you want

I would like to thank my editors, David, Nico, Julian and our tech guru Andy. I also wish to extend a big thank you to InnoGames for the great game and support.