Monthly Archives: June 2012

Welcoming 1,000,000 players in Forge of Empires

Today it was celebration time here at InnoGames, as Forge of Empires reached 1,000,000 players in only eight weeks! We would like to thank all of you for making this happen. This is the most successful start in InnoGames’ history and the huge number of players being keen on playing the game is very exciting for us. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoy working on it. But there’s another reason for celebration – Forge of Empires was recently nominated as best Browser Game at the European Games Awards! You can vote for your favorite game on the official site of the award until August, 13. Continue reading Welcoming 1,000,000 players in Forge of Empires

Open Beta Diary: Ruling with an Iron Fist!

A couple of days ago, we released the first episode of our new open beta diary. We hope that all of you guys enjoyed reading Frank’s success story and you were able to draw some helpful conclusions on how to be a successful merchant. His story definitely kicked off a discussion about the most successful strategy in Forge of Empires here at InnoGames. You could easily distinguish the opposing sites into two main fractions: Those of us favoring the peaceful way of merchants and those of us, preferring to lead their troops into battle! Also a lot of stories from our players, forwarded to us daily via, focused on those opposites. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to Philippe today, who rules his empire with an iron fist! Continue reading Open Beta Diary: Ruling with an Iron Fist!

Open Beta Diary: The Sweet Taste of Salt!

Hey folks, you might remember that a few weeks ago we had our final installment of the closed beta diary. There we provided you with some insights into how it is like to be a mighty ruler in Forge of Empires. As the open beta has started, now every single one of you can write their own story in the game. And now it’s time for you to tell them! You can forward us your experiences and submit your story to and we will post the most interesting ones here on our blog. Today we start with Frank – a well-known salt merchant from Germany. Continue reading Open Beta Diary: The Sweet Taste of Salt!