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The success story continues: Forge of Empires reached ten million players

200 countries, 25 languages and over 10 million players – Our strategy game Forge of Empires inspires people around the globe. From Antarctica to Nigeria, and all the way to the tropical island of Madagascar: battles are fought, provinces conquered and cities forged.

We are thrilled about this! After we welcomed five million players after only six months, the success story of Forge of Empires still continues. Thanks a lot! We do appreciate your loyalty and enthusiasm and continue to work on developing and improving the game. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you everything, but there are so many cool features in development too, so stay tuned!

To celebrate the ten millionth player, I ventured into the depths of our players statistics and found some really interesting information about the community of Forge of Empires. The biggest surprise here was the popularity of the various language versions. I was convinced that most of Forge of Empires gamers prefer the English version, but far from it. Ranked one of the most popular servers, with 1.2 million registered players: Brazilian! English was only in second place with 1.1 million, followed by the French in third place with just over one million registrations. The five largest countries don’t seem to only be into Carnival or football, but also the expansion and development of a virtual empire seems to be a motivating hobby for many.

But that was not the only surprise for me. As already described, we have players from many different parts of the world and across all continents. I find it absolutely fascinating to know that I might just attacked by a player over twelve thousand miles away from me sitting in front of a PC at the same moment in Micronesia. Micronesia? You heard right – there is exactly one Forge of Empires player who has registered from the small island territory in the Pacific Ocean! Just incredible…

So, wherever you are and no matter which language version you play: Enjoy the game and develop your city more diligent, as the next attack will come!

The success goes on: Forge of Empires celebrates its first birthday!

Guys, exactly a year ago we have been so nervous and excited at the same time – because we showed you Forge of Empires for the very first time. Sure, we had already tested the game internally before and had quite the fun with building up our cities and checking out our colleagues´ empires. But it is always interesting for us to see how the players from “outside” react to a new game. Luckily, you loved it! Forge of Empires was successful from day one and the masses of players really challenged our servers. Thousands of new players every day, lively discussions in the forum, great feedback all in all: Not only the development team was running through the InnoGames office with a constant smile on their faces. After only eight weeks, we were able to tell the world about one million players being part of Forge of Empires, which was the first step to make the strategy game one of the most successful browser games worldwide. Now after one year, more than nine million people are part of Forge of Empires and a lot of new stuff has been implemented: Besides many small improvements we created two new ages. Those gave the game a complete new campaign, modern units and buildings.

But these improvements are not the main reason why Forge of Empires is so successful: you are! You guys are still very active in the game forum discussions, you give us exciting new ideas and helpful suggestions. Only with your help it is possible to keep the game successful and to give you the best possible gaming experience. Thank you so much for that!

In order to celebrate the birthday in a proper way, we created a whole bunch of new features for you. From May 8 to 21 there will be a completely new quest line: A mysterious fortune teller will visit you and has some tasks, which will maybe tell you some secrets about the future of Forge of Empires… When you completed all tasks, there will be a unique new building, which you can only get in this quest line. We also want to celebrate our award as “Best Browser Game 2013” at the German Game Developer Award (Deutscher Computerspielpreis) with you. That´s why we handed the precious award over to our graphic guys who integrated it into the game – you can now use it as a nice decoration.

So long, may Forge of Empires remain one of the most successful browser games worldwide. A toast goes out to you, best community in the world!

Forge of Empires wins German Computer Game Awards

When we found out that our strategic browser game Forge of Empires won the German Computer Games Award (Deutscher Computerspielepreis) in the category “Best Browsergame”, a loud cheer went through our hamburg office! Especially our Forge of Empires development team is pretty proud of their efforts – but they won’t rest on their laurels. With the Great Buildings, the Easter Event and of course, the new Industrial Age, we already offered a whole bunch of new content, and that’s how we’d like to continue in the future: The team’s already working on new ages, bug fixes and features, all of which will make Forge of Empires an even better game in the future.

We look forward to your reaction on upcoming updates, and, as always, appreciate feeback very much!

Best Strategy Browser MMO 2013: Forge of Empires!!!

Browser games are our passion. Every single day we give our best to develop new great games and improve our existing ones. Enthusiastic players are the reward we get for our work. The happier are we if we get awarded for our efforts!

And this is exactly what just occurred. Our strategy game Forge of Empires won the jury award in the category ”Best Strategy Browser MMO 2013“ at the „MMO of the Year Awards“. Our whole team was very glad and honored about this decision. We see the award as an incentive to continue to improve the game and making it even better. All for one reason –  to make our players happy!

New Forge of Empires world populated successfully – we present the winners of the Houndsmoor Jump Start Competition!

Already last week, we opened the eighth kingdom “Houndsmoor” in Forge of Empires. Of course I have already led my people from Stone Age to Colonial Age, but I was really looking forward to starting again from scratch. In order to increase the incentive to begin a new game for you too, we decided to start the Houndsmoor Jump Start Competition! The goal was to reach 4000 Points and the Early Middle Ages as fast as possible. Besides fame and glory, the champion was bestowed with 600 Diamonds!

Much faster than we dare imagined and way too fast for me, you made it!

Congratulation to “Idense” who was the first in the group of premium players! Without using Diamonds, “Turbovcielka“ fulfilled our victory conditions!

Greatly impressed and kind of envious I will focus on my own empire now. My people want to leave the Bronze Age someday…

Forge of Empires and Grepolis are nominated at the 2013 MMO Awards!

Last week, we received some great news from Game Genetics: Our games Forge of Empires and Grepolis were nominated at the MMO Awards 2013. You can vote for them in the categories “Best Strategy Browser MMO” and “Best Classic Browser MMO”. The voting phase ends on February 15.

The prize for Best MMO is already being awarded for the eighth time and its one of the biggest prizes you can get in our business. In the recent years, InnoGames was already rewarded for different games – for example, Grepolis won the jury prize for “Best Classic Browser MMO” 2012.

With your help, maybe we are able to win again!

Hex maps and the German Game Developer Award

All hail,

Yesterday I had some pretty good fights in Forge of Empires and of course I won – nearly always….

While I was leading my troops, I noticed that I really like those hex map fights. They remind me of some old classic games like Panzer General or Battle Isle, besides of that those hex maps gives you a lot of possible tactics.

My favorite strategy focuses totally on ranged units. I place them perfectly in the terrain and let my opponents come. Before even reaching my army, I can attack and destroy his troops. Sadly some opponents used quick units and attacked me very fast so I had no chance with my lightly armored army. Besides of that I think the key to success is the different terrain. When you are able to place your troops on good spots you have the chance to beat even stronger armies. Unfortunately I had to learn that…

But it’s not only me who likes the complex way of fighting. Forge of Empire has been nominated for the German Game Developer Award! The jury chose Forge of Empires from a panel of 120 submitted titles. The prize will be awarded on December 12 in Düsseldorf. So cross your fingers!

See you on the battlefield!


5 million players!!! The Forge of Empires Family Keeps Growing

Did you remember our announcement about one million registered Forge players after eight weeks? Back then, we were totally overwhelmed. But now, six months after release, we reached the number of five million registered players and we are completely speechless.

Thanks to all of you! You are the reason why we work so hard on the game and we are very happy to see that you enjoy it in the same way we do. We also love that this game is really very international. Would you have guessed that we have 650,000 players from Brazil? Or 500,000 from France? But most important, is the fact that you give us great feedback about the game, so that we can improve it even more.

So what about the future of Forge of Empires? We are still working very hard to fix all bugs and create new content for the game. For example, we will introduce the new Great Buildings into the game, which will increase the meaning of guilds. On top of that, in early 2013, the Industrial Era is coming with a lot of new buildings, units and technologies. And believe us, we have a lot more plans in mind.

There is a lot to come in the future, so stay tuned!

See you on the battlefield!

Forge of Empires New Kingdoms in Korea

Forge of Empires has opened its gates in Korea. We are really looking forward to the ideas and opinions of the Korean players and are curious about their input for the game.

After just two weeks 8,200 Koreans have already begun the journey through the ages. The unique features for the Korean community are, for example, the Cafe Naver Page in which players can exchange advice, as well as the Korean trailer.

With the start of the 22nd Language version of Forge of Empires we celebrate the further growth of our international community. Of course this is not the end! We continue to have additional languages for Forge of Empires in mind, so stay tuned!
At this point, we would like to thank our players and supporters for their dedication. Without you, such a rapid growth with such a diverse and imaginative community wouldn’t be impossible!