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Behind the scenes of the Forge of Empires Wiki!



Some of you have been waiting for it, and it is finally coming! Your Forge of Empires teams are working hard to cook up a wiki worthy of the name. Here are 10 questions that you might ask yourself:

  1. What is the point of having a wiki?

You have probably noticed that it is not easy for a novice player to find their needed information amongst the many guides that can be found in the Forge of Empires forums. The wiki will have the merit of centralizing all information and guides related to the game. The navigation will be simplified through the various categories and links which will allow you to quickly find specific information.

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Attention Forge of Empires fans: How to use duplicate blueprints sensibly

Hey commanders,

In my last post, I told you how happy I was to see the first Great Buildings in my neighborhood. A lot has changed since then: After motivating and supporting my neighbors, I started to collect blueprints for my own Great Building. So far so good, but after some time, I had collected some identical blueprints, not knowing what to do with them. With the new update, our developers included a function for that: From now on, you have the possibility to exchange your needless blueprints. You just need two sets of double blueprints of the same building, or one certain type of blueprint three times. If these requirements are met, you can trade two blueprints for one new random blueprint. Therefore, with this function your superfluous blueprints become valuable.

Here is an illustrated instruction:

First step:

Open your Great Building construction menu. As you can see here, I got blueprint part two and eight for my statue twice.


Second step:

If you click on both of the blueprint parts you can mark them – (visible on the green frame). After that, the “trade”- button shows green and is clickable. When you now click on it, the last thing to do is to accept the request from your consultant.


Third step:

Voilâ: As you can see, I lost two of my useless blueprints and got a complete new one.


You see, it is worth collecting blueprints, even if you find one of the same kind twice or more often.

Until then, good luck finding new blueprints.

Be not afraid of Greatness! Great Building Tutorial

Hey Guys,

Just a few days ago we released the Great Buildings to Forge of Empires and I already noticed some of them in my neighborhood. I think the huge constructions look pretty awesome and in addition to that they bring you great bonuses. Raising a Great Build takes time and effort, so – to support you with the task, I recorded a quick walkthrough video to show you the most important steps from the first blueprints to the finished construction and the features the Great Buildings provides you.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Forge of Empires: Per Aspera ad Astra*

Or: The Importance of Having a Church

The awesome things in life never come easy. What goes without saying for our day-by-day reality should also apply to a well-made browser game. Of course, players should not get frustrated too much, especially in the beginning of a game, otherwise no one but the most masochistic individuals would continue playing. And even regular players require constant feelings of achievement, as they make progress and invest time and effort into a game. Continue reading Forge of Empires: Per Aspera ad Astra*

Forge of Empires: Start Making Trouble In Your Neighborhood!

As our little band of testers might have already realized, we are constantly implementing new features and updates – at this point of development, things can still be tweaked if they don’t work as imagined, and if players (or colleagues) demand a certain feature, it can still be inserted into the game. Today I would like to give you an introduction into one of the more recent features, one that will receive a lot more options in the foreseeable future: interaction between players, namely cooperation and competition between them.

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How to be a Good King and Provide Happiness and Beauty

It’s finally time to continue with our ongoing series, covering insights on the key features of Forge of Empires. Today I would like to tell you a little bit about happiness and being a good ruler. As you guys probably already know, maintaining peace and prosperity is very important in Forge of Empires.

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War, Peace, and then some more War!

What’s the most important question one might ask him/herself on the 23rd of december? “Did I already get all the presents I need”, or “Is everything prepared for the family dinner tomorrow”? Well,…for some people it clearly seems to be “Where is my $%&&/§ key for the Forge of Empires Exclusive Preview??”. Continue reading War, Peace, and then some more War!

Whoever said progress was a slow process…

As promised last time, I will tell you some more details about how to proceed in time and the intricacies of the research part of the game. As said, every player starts with a Stone Age settlement he or she has to take care of. The only way to proceed further is by researching new technologies. It is a Stone Age settlement after all – that means the inhabitants of your village don’t even know how to harvest plants or ride horses, let alone how to forge advanced weaponry. Continue reading Whoever said progress was a slow process…